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Wikistats 2.0 Design Project/RequestforFeedback/Round1#Comparison of Two Wikis describes our design thinking for this part of Wikistats 2.0. This board is meant to collect feedback from current and potential future users of this community tool.

Dominik (talkcontribs)
Reply to "esperanto"

Do you frequently compare two or more wikis?

Milimetric (WMF) (talkcontribs)

How many and what do you usually look for?

NickK (talkcontribs)

I can compare pageviews or activity in several wikis. I look for relative trends (e.g. is one wiki growing faster than another?). For example, I can compare pageviews of Cebuano Wikipedia (continues massive bot growth) and Waray-Waray Wikipedia (stopped bot growth) to see if it has any impact.

I happened to compare all 290 Wikipedias, but using tables.

Strainu (talkcontribs)

Yes. Usually 2 or three, and I look for trends, so these views are relevant on the long term. But if it's all the same, why not include multi-wikis view everywhere?

MCruz (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Yes. This comparison is important specially when addressing content with a focus on specific themes, like gender gap.

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