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Srijancse (talkcontribs)

Hello, everyone. Please tell about your experiences at Wikimedia Hackathon here. Tell us about your experiences with Pywikibot, and the bugs you fixed.


Sidhant-gupta-004 (talkcontribs)

It was an amazing experience. Phabricator is an excellent tool to use with its ease and simplicity. Mediawiki developers were very helpful and friendly and it was fun working (and editing) in Gerrit. The Mediawiki core and the Local instance, of course, are a very intelligent concept as they allow a developer to first check the patch/feature on their local machines before sending it out to Gerrit. The seniors also were very helpful as they helped me throughout the process of committing the patch and were there whenever I had a doubt. I am very happy to have been able to attend this event which turned out to be immensely educative for me. Thank you. :)

Sparker0i (talkcontribs)

Hello everyone, I had a great experience in the Wikimedia Hackathon at our university. It was also my first event as a participant in a hackathon. Though I could not fix a bug, this event helped me with the process of finding bugs for any Open Source Organization using bug tracker.


Prashanthduvvada (talkcontribs)

Hello everyone, the event was one of the most wonderful and memorable event to remember. It's mainly because coding continuously for almost the whole day for three days in line, it was truly an event that I did such continuous and serious work for such a long time and simultaneously learn. It gave me a clear idea of how to fix bugs, thanks to well organised phabricator. Also I learned to update and edit Wikidata extracting data from authorized offline files.

The food was truly amazing and tasty. Overall a very wonderful event and nice event for us, as it helped us to learn and also enjoy the company of mentors, seniors and relish palatable dishes:-) Thank You!

Gkrishnan724 (talkcontribs)

Hi all,

The Hackathon was pretty fun!. I learnt to contribute to MediaWiki and use Pywikibot. Also, Phabricator and Gerrit are one of the great things that MediaWiki has for developers to be able to report bugs, work on it and send it for review. However, I was not able to submit a patch since I had some problems reproducing the bug in my Local Instance.

Furthermore, It was fun to be able to work with Abdeali who was always there whenever we had some issues. Plus the food was one of the best thing in the event :)

Rishirajjain (talkcontribs)

Hello all,

The Hackton was amazing! I'm glad I was a part of it. I had so much fun coding and learning new things, about pywikibot, how to find and fix a bug.All in all it was a wonderful experience, I got to interact with Abdeali. He was very helpful it is because of him and our seniors that I was able to do something, However I was not able to send a bug fix.

The best part of it all ,was the awesome food we got to have. Thank You all at mediawiki for organising this wonderful event. Hope such events come more often.

AshwinNamb (talkcontribs)

Hello Everyone,

The MediaWikiToLearn Hackathon was an amazing experience for me. We did some intense coding , some problem solving and tried to learn how to fix bugs.On the first day,we had Abdeali who had come all the way from Bangalore just to help us with PyWikiBot. He helped us by teaching Python in short and told us about Jupyter Notebooks.He was always there the next second we called him and would almost solve every doubt that anyone had. On the second day , we had session on Phabricator and Bug fixing ,

we learnt about how to search for bugs (We did easy ones) and how to submit your patch via Gerrit.

Last but not the least the food which was provided was delectable. I'd like to thank MediaWiki for their support in running such events where we could learn a lot of stuff. I hope that we have many more events like these to come.

Code musk (talkcontribs)

The MediaWikiToLearn Hackathon, for a start, was a very worthwhile and informative exposure on the personal front. Sustained hours of problem solving, bug fixing and contributing/editing, frankly was a bit strenuous.

Nevertheless, got to learn about the working essentials of Phabricator, the MediaWiki Core and Gerrit . In addition, also got immediate introduction to the process of acquiring/fixing bugs and submitting patches. However, the experience gained through repeated failures while going through the process was a great learning opportunity, which would not have been possible without the constant support of the mentors, who were there, just in the hours of need.

Overall, the Hackathon was a great event in all aspects and I really look forward to such occasions in the near future.

AbhilashG97 (talkcontribs)


I had a wonderful experience at the Wikimedia Hackathon. It was enriching and nourishing. I learnt a lot about bug trackers, how to fix a bug and a lot about pywikibot and wikimedia foundation. I unfortunately couldn't fix any bugs, but nonetheless it was still a great learning experience.

In all, for me it was a unique learning experience that I'll always cherish.

JameerBabu (talkcontribs)

Namah Shivaya,

I'm very happy to participate in MediaWiki Hackathon.I take this opportunity to thank Abdeali brother,Tony brother , all senior sisters and brothers who helped me whenever I faced difficulties during Hackathon.

I came to know about Pywikibot, bug trackers,bug fixing,patch submission.First day it was about Wikidata and census population data extraction. Second day is about bug fixing,submission of patch. I would like to thank MediaWiki for providing such a delicious food.

Sarvani241098 (talkcontribs)

Hello Everyone,

The event was very helpful and a wonderful experience. I am very thankful to Abdeali and all my seniors, who helped a lot whenever I faced some difficulties.

I'm very glad to participate in MediaWiki Hackathon from which I came to know about choosing and fixing a bug using Phabricator and PhpStorm. However I was not able to submit a patch.

Apart from that the food was amazing and I wish I could have many more events like this.

I enjoyed the event a lot.

Ashutosh1206 (talkcontribs)

It was an astounding experience of taking part in this Hackathon. It was my first Hackathon being an Open Source newbie. A few pointers on the features which I found unique about this foundation:

  1. The bug tracker of this foundation- Phabricator is very well managed and organized in all forms. I have been through the bug trackers of some other organizations as well but I found this as he best.
  2. While most other organizations have their bug reports on GitHub, Wikimedia having a special site of its own for maintaining bug was what I found awesome!
  3. Although running Pywikibot on the notebook followed some errors but the idea of making a notebook which contains notes as well as code to run is unique and obviously interesting!

I would like to thank all my seniors and specially Abdeali who was always there for us whenever we encountered some problem. The Hackathon gave me an introduction on submitting patches and contributing to an organization.

All in all, I submitted two patches during the Hackathon out of which one is still remaining to be merged.

Thank You!

Amrit sreekumar (talkcontribs)

Great experience and tremendous exposure it was to be a part of ‘Hackathon’ conducted by The Wikimedia Foundation at Amrita University,Kollam.This being the first time I’m fixing bugs, with that good mentors, it was baseless asking for more. Not to mention the awesome food, we never felt that we were in front of computers for close to 10 hours! Although most of us, the participants were amateurs in this business, excluding that starting trouble in the very beginning, we were all cruising ahead.

This Hackathon was a stepping stone to get into contributions and bug fixing. Being an enthusiastic member of FOSS@Amrita, this was all that was required to jump start into contributions. This being actually what we might be doing in the future, all of us are are very thankful and delighted for providing us with such a great platform.

Thank you!

Rohit1521 (talkcontribs)

Namah Shivaya,

It was a great initiative, The beginning is the part where people generally struggle and then give up in contribution for open source but this hackathon helped many to cross the entry-level barrier in contribution to Open Source.At least we are able to understand where we should start the journey to Open source development.

Thanks WikiMedia, Abdeali and @01tonythomas for putting such an effort and bringing us to open source community. :D

Akshat007 (talkcontribs)
Ankit123ojha (talkcontribs)

Awesome experience,

My 1st hackathon and it was far better than I expected. The hackathon by WikiMedia foundation was very much informative and I came to learn about many things. The beginning part of Pywikibot is a great thing, working with it was very nice though it was quite struggling but it was also enjoying on the other end and the second part of bug fixing on phabricator, was the place where I learned how to reproduce a bug, give a perfect commit message and tips to fix bugs. Last but not the least the food which was mind blowing. This was my first Open Source contribution and I learned many things from the Hackathon.

Thanks to the WikiMedia foundation, Abdeali, Tony Thomas and all mentors in the hackathon.

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