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Yug (talkcontribs)

Hello dear Czech team Thanks for the great event you lead for the community. Following a talk with your team, I'm happy to lear you have a spending tracking system we can learn from. I would suggest you to create a "Report" tab with spending report and achievements. Thanks again yo each of you.

Klára Joklová (talkcontribs)

Dear Yug,

thank you, we appreciate that.

That is our plan, to finish a spending report as soon as possible, with all the others follow up activities - like metrics and achievements of Hackathon 2019. Thank you for reminding anyway. Best regards.

Yug (talkcontribs)
Reply to "Closing report"

Program on Monday: "University of Pragues campus"

Yug (talkcontribs)

Hello, according to Google maps Pragues has several campuses. Could someone clarify here which one will host the "brave women event".

Martin Urbanec (talkcontribs)

Hi Yug, certainly. It's the one in Dejvice (the same part of Prague the Hackathon's venue is in, so quite close). Per an email sent to a private WMCZ maillist, it should be hosted "just" with cooperation of the campus, but the event should be hosted by the National Technical Library too (just as it hosts the Hackathon). To be 100% certain, I'll ask the editathon organizers and will update the past. Thanks for asking!

Martin Urbanec (talkcontribs)

Ha, found it without asking. Czech page about this event is . This page says the event is hosted in the National Technical Library, and Campus Dejvice co-organizes it. I'll update the page.

Yug (talkcontribs)

Wonderful, thanks for your speed ! <3

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