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Testing flaws[edit]

There are two major flaws in the tests and examples, which may be responsible for some of the fonts problems. See, for example, the bug reported at Missing glyphs for language namesMichael Z. 2013-11-09 16:34 z

Tests ignore the main use case[edit]

The automatically generated text used for testing does not match the font’s requirements. Using <span lang=be>{{#language:be}}</span> generates the native name беларуская, with lowercase initial. But the main use case is sidebar nav links in title case (bugzilla:37705). The required text is Беларуская, with capital initial. The current version of the font lacks the missing character. Michael Z. 2013-11-09 16:34 z

Failure is invisible[edit]

Autonym is designed to fit into the Vector skin’s default font. So when characters fail to render in the correct font, the fallback in any competent browser is practically indistinguishable from success. For example, the code <span class="autonym" lang=be>Беларуская</span> generates Беларуская, which at first glance looks fine on this page.

A test that works would be <span style="font-family: autonym, UnicodeBMPfallbackSIL, serif;" lang=be>Беларуская</span>, which falls back to a contrasting font where autonym fails to work, and generates Беларуская, clearly showing that the initial letter Б fails to render in the Autonym font (an example where the current version of Autonym font breaks rendering, making the results worse than in most browsers). Michael Z. 2013-11-09 16:34 z

Deployment on Wikipedia[edit]

I'm not sure this talk page to be the right place for my comments... Any pointer to a better location will be welcome!

I have 2 comments about the deployment on Wikipedia of the Autonym font:

  1. On each local WP home page, only a subset of direct links to WP home pages in other languages is listed. The last item in the list being "Complete list" (or equivalent in the local WP language). Is it indeed intended to have that last link "Complete list" also in Autonym font? Are we sure that all the required characters to produce these words are available in each and every language script?
  2. It would make sense to use the Autonym font also on the page which is to the target of that link "Complete list".

Klipe (talk) 11:46, 5 December 2013 (UTC)[]