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initial proposal[edit]

This is a proposal for the special page names for the Latin localization (la) of the MediaWiki software.

My proposal differs in some ways from the existing special page titles. My goal was to make it easy for the user both (a) to recognize what the special page does and (b) easily to remember the correct special page name when looking for a given special page again. To that end, the names I propose generally follow the structure

  • object(s) property (e. g. "Paginae longae") or
  • object(s) action (e. g. "Conventum aperire")

(although there are some exceptions to this rule, see below). As a side effect of this naming scheme, special pages that deal with the same object will be grouped next to each other on the alphabetical list of special pages la:Specialis:Specialpages.

The special page names should be chosen carefully: While it would, in principle, be possible to remove again a name that has been badly chosen, this would break all links that have been using this name in the meantime.

Note that the special page name (which is part of the URL displayed in the browser's address bar) needs not necessarily be identical to the title of the special page (displayed as a large heading on the special page and used on the list of special pages la:Specialis:SpecialPages). Nevertheless, I am proposing to use the same text for both the page name and the page title for every special page.

All names are case-insensitive. The first listed alias will be used as the default. Aliases from the fallback localisation (English) will be included by default. That means that e. g. [[Specialis:Contributions/UV]] or [[Special:Contributions/UV]] will continue to work and will redirect automatically to [[Specialis:Conlationes usoris/UV]] (or whatever translation we agree on).

Feel free to make and discuss whatever changes you would like to propose! --UV 14:36, 28 January 2007 (UTC)

T … type, S … core MediaWiki software, E … MediaWiki extension
current title … current title on

T SpecialPage current title proposed title remarks
S Allmessages Nuntia systematis Nuntia systematis
S Allpages Omnes paginae Paginae omnes "object property"
S Ancientpages Res veterrimae Paginae veterrimae "object property"
S Blockip Obstruere locum IP Usorem obstruere "object action"
S Blockme Usor obstructus
S Booksources Fontes librorum Librorum fontes "object property"
S BrokenRedirects Redirectiones fractae Redirectiones fractae
S Categories Categoriae Categoriae
S Confirmemail Inscriptionem electronicam adfirmare Inscriptionem electronicam adfirmare "object action", (this special page is not in the list of translatable special page names, why?)
S Contributions Conlationes usoris Conlationes usoris et Conlationes
S Deadendpages Fundulae Paginae sine nexu easier to understand, isn't it?
S Disambiguations Paginae disambiguationis Paginae disambiguationis
S DoubleRedirects Redirectiones duplices Redirectiones duplices
S Emailuser Mittere cursum publicum electronicum huic usori Litteras electronicas usori mittere et Littera electronica
S Export Paginas exportare Paginas exportare
S Imagelist Imagines Fasciculi et Imagines
S Import Paginas importare Paginas importare
S Ipblocklist Index locorum IP obstructorum Usores obstructi "object property", no need to specify "index"
S Listadmins Magistratus
S Listredirects Index redirectionum Redirectiones no need to specify "index"
S Listusers Usores Usores
S Lockdb Obstruere basem dati Basem datorum obstruere "object action", plural
S Log Acta Acta
S Lonelypages Paginae orbatae Paginae non annexae easier to understand, isn't it?
S Longpages Paginae longae Paginae longae
S MIMEsearch Quaerere per MIME Quaerere per MIME
S Mostcategories Paginae plurimis categoriis Paginae plurimis categoriis
S Mostimages Maxime annexae imagines Fasciculi maxime annexi et Imagines maxime annexae "object property"
S Mostlinked Maxime annexa Paginae maxime annexae "object property" (we need to be specific here, as there is also Mostimages and Mostlinkedcategories)
S Mostlinkedcategories Maxime annexae categoriae Categoriae maxime annexae "object property"
S Mostlinkedtemplates   Formulae maxime annexae "object property"
S Mostrevisions Plurimum mutata Paginae plurimum mutatae "object property"
S Movepage Movere paginam Paginam movere "object action"
S Mycontributions Conlationes meae
S Mypage Pagina usoris mea
S Mytalk Pagina disputationis mea
S Newimages Pinacotheca imaginum novarum Fasciculi novi et Imagines novae et Pinacotheca imaginum novarum
S Newpages Paginae novae Paginae novae
S Popularpages Paginae populares Paginae saepe monstratae
S Preferences Praeferentiae Praeferentiae
S Prefixindex Praefixa Quaerere per praefixa et Praefixa make clear that this is a search feature as well
S Protectedpages Paginae protectae Paginae protectae
S Randompage/Random Pagina fortuita Pagina fortuita
S Randomredirect Redirectio fortuita Redirectio fortuita
S Recentchanges Nuper mutata Nuper mutata
S Recentchangeslinked Mutata conlata Nuper mutata annexorum easier to understand, isn't it?
S Resetpass Reset account password Tesseram novam creare "object action"
S Revisiondelete Delete/undelete revisions Emendationem delere "object action"
S Search Quaerere Quaerere
S Shortpages Paginae breves Paginae breves
S Specialpages Paginae speciales Paginae speciales
S Statistics Census Census
S Uncategorizedcategories Categoriae sine categoriis Categoriae sine categoriis
S Uncategorizedimages Uncategorized images Fasciculi sine categoriis et Imagines sine categoriis
S Uncategorizedtemplates Formulae sine categoriis
S Uncategorizedpages Sine categoriis Paginae sine categoriis "object property"
S Undelete Restituere paginam deletam Paginam restituere "object action"
S Unlockdb Deobstruere basem dati Basem datorum deobstruere "object action", plural
S Unusedcategories Categoriae vacuae Categoriae non in usu et Categoriae vacuae
S Unusedimages Imagines non in usu Fasciculi non in usu et Imagines non in usu
S Unusedtemplates Formulae sine usu Formulae non in usu
S Unwatchedpages Incustodita Paginae incustoditae "object property"
S Upload Onerare fasciculos Fasciculos onerare et Imagines onerare "object action"
S Userlogin Conventum aperire Conventum aperire
S Userlogout Conventum concludere Conventum concludere
S Userrights User rights management Usorum potestas
S Version Versio Versio
S Wantedcategories Categoriae desideratae Categoriae desideratae
S Wantedpages Paginae desideratae Paginae desideratae et Nexus fracti
S Watchlist Paginae custoditae Paginae custoditae
S Whatlinkshere Nexus ad paginam
E CategoryTree Arbor categoriae Categoriarum arbor "object feature", plural
E Cite Paginam citare Paginam citare
E CrossNamespaceLinks Nexus trans praefixa Nexus trans praefixa
E DeletedContributions Conlationes usoris deletae et Conlationes deletae
E ExpandTemplates Expand templates Formulas resolvere "object action"
E Filepath Inscriptio documenti Fasciculorum inscriptio "object property"
E Linksearch Search web links Quaerere nexus externos
E SiteMatrix Wikimediae wiki omnia Vicimediorum vici omnes "Wikimedia Foundation" = Vicimedia, -orum, "wiki" = vicus, -i m.

few things[edit]

  1. Paginae omnnes: Omnis is one of a few adjectives in latin that almost always precedes its head noun.
    Would "Paginae totae" be ok? --UV 09:37, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
  2. What's the english for Block me?
    Just "Blockme". This special page seems to play a role when a user is automatically blocked, e. g. when an IP is blocked specifically including any registered users that might use this IP in the future and when a registered user later tries to use this IP (=> automatic block for 24 hours). I doubt that this special page name is encountered often, and there should never be the need to link to this page (it is not listed on la:Specialis:Specialpages either). --UV 09:37, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
  3. Conlationes usoris et Conlationes?
    My proposal is that the standard form should be e. g. [[Specialis:Conlationes usoris/UV]]. However, I am also proposing that writing just [[Specialis:Conlationes/UV]] should be sufficient (and should redirect automatically to the full form [[Specialis:Conlationes usoris/UV]]). --UV 09:37, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
  4. Perhaps Paginae pro disambiguatione...
    A precise name would be "Paginae quae ad disambiguationem nectunt" or perhaps "Paginae ad disambiguationem nectentes". Would the last one be OK? --UV 09:37, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
  5. Maybe Paginae inannexae?
    No objection. --UV 09:37, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
  6. What's the english for Mostcategories?
    Just "Mostcategories" (the page title ist "Articles with the most categories"). This shows all pages in descending order by the number of categories to which the pages are assigned, i. e. the page with the most categories first. See la:Specialis:Mostcategories. --UV 09:37, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
  7. What's the english for Recentchangeslinked?
    Just "Recentchangeslinked" (the page title is "Related changes"). This shows the recent changes to all pages linked from a given page, e. g. la:Specialis:Recentchangeslinked/Scacci shows the recent changes to all pages where there is a link from la:Scacci to that page. --UV 09:37, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
  8. Still the issue of custodire.
    See la:Disputatio MediaWiki:Prefs-watchlist-days#custoditus vs. vigilatus.
    What is your opinion on these points? --UV 09:37, 8 February 2007 (UTC)

--Ioshus 01:31, 8 February 2007 (UTC)

Hi, UV, I sent out a link to Myces. I'd also like to get Iustinus here before I respond to the whole thing. I have responded to the custoditus vs vigilatus question. What about perservare?-- 13:31, 8 February 2007 (UTC)

current status[edit]

For the current status, see betawiki:. --UV 20:40, 1 January 2009 (UTC)