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Latest comment: 14 years ago by John Vandenberg in topic VCS integration

Opinion - grin

  • Bugzilla - the familiar one ;)
  • Trac - Seems not to handle well large amounts of issues, it's quite hard to organise
  • Redmine - Seems to be a trac clone, probably same issue with UI
  • Indefero - It's pretty simple (bit similar to google issues), but it means not too smart as well
  • JIRA - commercial (and user unfriendly)
  • flyspray - interesting. bit like bugzilla was 5 years ago, a bit like it should have been looking as five years ago.
  • "Extended" MediaWiki - I don't think it'd be much better than wiktionary, which is pretty much raping the database concept and I consider it generally the violation of torture agreements ;-)
  • Launchpad - looks good for large amount of issues but it's not completely mature.

All in all, I don't see viable alternatives just now. --Grin 07:59, 7 January 2010 (UTC)Reply

Comment to statment about "Extended" MediaWiki:You say wiktionary is raping the database concept. But I think you might take a closer look to the possibilities that are given through Extensions related to Semantic MediaWiki. Maybe for a better impressions how this may look like, I could build up a little demo-version. --DaSch 10:13, 7 January 2010 (UTC)Reply
Just a brief note to our offtopic chat: converting already existing hundred thousands of free-form, nonstandardised, random content isn't quite promising regardless of SMW or not. Possible, but not very much. --Grin 08:13, 20 January 2010 (UTC)Reply

VCS integration

  • VCS integration. Ability to associate to revisions.
    • Currently, this means SVN, but it could mean some other VCS in the future.

Our current Bugzilla installation is linking revision IDs to codereview, a MediaWiki extension.

Additionally, I'd like to have a CLI that supports creation and closing of tickets from batch jobs. I'm currently using a small script for site requests that

  • fetches the subject line of the ticket from bugzilla,
  • calls "svn commit -m $subject_line InitialiseSettings.php",
  • calls "sync-file wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php $subject_line",
    • sync-file sends a message to the IRC channel,
    • logmsgbot copies the message to the admin log in the wiki,
  • closes the bugzilla ticket, appends a "svn diff" to the ticket.

With this script, simple site requests take only a few seconds to be handled. — Preceding unsigned comment added by JeLuF (talkcontribs) 07:00, 14 June 2010

I agree that a CLI should be added to the list of requirements.
How are you currently appending a comment and closing the ticket? Bug.pm? John Vandenberg 08:31, 14 June 2010 (UTC)Reply