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Tuesday, May 29, 2012[edit]

I think the visual cue of the downwards arrow (pointer asset) could work well although I'm not convinced by the icon for the right menu (still.. sorry... looks too much like a divider that is not functional).

The W icon on the right could help strengthen the icon on the lefts purpose as a button.

A controversial thought I have in my head is the idea of throwing away the menu altogether and scattering its functions in the relevant place in the page. I can imagine the language link for instance being next to the page title, and I can imagine the contents page being accessible via a link under the article title. This would solve the problem of not overloading the user with more than one menu... Jdlrobson (talk)

I was having this same thought yesterday, putting "page functions" on the page instead of trying to express the conceptual difference between the two menus. heather walls (talk)