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mediawiki login 失敗[edit]

mediawiki login後直接轉回首頁,畫面右上角不會顯示登入的帳號名稱,而且Wiki並無顯示登入失敗,但是如果在登入畫面,將 [記住我的登入狀態]選項勾選,那登入後,畫面右上角的帳號名稱就會正常顯示,請問為何一定要勾選這個選項,是否有方法可以在不勾選這個選項,又可以在登入時,正常顯示都入帳號的資訊。謝謝

mediawiki direct reversed login page, right corner of the screen does not display login account name, and Wiki does not show Login failed, but if the login screen, the [Remember me Status] option checked, that after login, account name the top right corner of the screen will display properly, we must ask why this option is checked, whether there are ways you can uncheck this option, but also during login display properly into account all information. Thank you