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 Page created as part of a project to improve hackathon documentation

Sonkiki (talkcontribs)

I created this page as part of a project to improve the documentation for hackathon organizers.

If you're interested in details, find the official project description on Phabricator:

or check out my working page/ construction site that I used to document my work for this project: User:Sonkiki/Handbook Project

Sources I used to create the content of this page:

  • new content I created by myself, drawn from experiences of organizing previous hackathons, especially the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Vienna

This was a team effort - thanks to everybody involved!

I had lots of help from the nice people at the WMF Technical Collaboration team, especially RachelNickQuimBenoÎtChris and WhatamidoingMelody from WMF Communications and my local team at WMAT, ClaudiaAnnemarie and Raimund.

I hope that the new structure created in this project not only proves to be helpful, but that it will be built upon, edited, improved and extended over time – like any good wiki page should be!

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