Talk:Feedback Dashboard/Phase 2


Sorry this will create a mess, but I'm going to post the items for the next 2 sprints for the Feedback Dashboard here. If I can find the time, I will go back and revise the Phase 2 page so that we have a coherent view. I'd also be happy to buy lunch for someone who do this :)

Dec 14

  • Email notification
    • Moodbar: ask for email if one doesn't exist
    • Moodbar: verification if email not verified
    • talk page notification:
      • Response
      • Responder user talk page
      • What are talk pages?
  • "New Feature" Bubble notification to display when Moodbar becomes active to new editors
  • Blocked user interaction
    • Display to user the they're blocked
  • Edit summary
    • Use Erik's suggested Text
  • Additional stuff on Feedback Page:
    • Intro text (text from Howie -- include "wikipedia made me feel. . .")

Dec 20

Must Have

  • Helpful/not helpful in talk page reply:
    • Separate extension
    • Only for replies going forward
    • Surface in Feedback Dashboard
  • Filter by “my responses”
  • Proposal for working comments into contribs
  • Analytics
    • Make sure we can track the # of helpful comments
    • Ability to know whether a user has clicked on email (use click-tracking extension)
      • Must have: # of clicks on “view this message on your talk page”
    • Ability to adjust content of email on the fly

Nice to have

  • UI changes
    • Time: use only largest interval
    • remove “to this comment”
    • Username: add colon
    • Link to Dario's charts (
    • Link to enwp project talk page so responders can discuss their experiences, give feedback on feature
    • upon hovering over comment, highlight box with light grey, introduce links
    • changes to email
  • Top responders
    • Last 24 hours: # happy, sad, confused
  • Concurrency notification: Basic check to see if anyone's clicked on reply within 15 minutes and if so let the user know and give them choice to proceed or go back
  • Comment transclusion

Next deployments

Must have

  • Add to the mbfr table a boolean field set to 1 if the feedback response triggered an email notification to avoid joins on the user and user_properties tables

Nice to have

  • Add a permalink to the thanks message to allow new editors to see where the mood message is posted
  • Change background color for posts that have been answered

Current plan:

  • push to prototype on 12/21 (Wed), push to production on 12/22 (Th)


  • Targeting
  • Oversight
  • Additional filters:
    • Show unanswered
  • Analytics
      1. of comments not seen
      2. of people that clicked helpful; who they are

Schedule: Dec 14 release:

  • Push to proto on Dec 12
  • Testing on prototype: Dec 13
  • Review and incorporate feedback: Dec 13
  • Deploy: Dec 14
  • Alternate Deploy date: Dec 15

Dec 20 release:

  • Push to proto on Dec 19
  • Testing on prototype: Dec 19
  • Review and incorporate feedback: Dec 20


  • Targeting
  • Oversight

Impact Analysis:

  • Jan 15: Measure and figure out what to do next

Postponed for later

  • multiple replies
  • in-workflow (dependent on CTA)
  • Surface page user was on when they submitted feedback
  • Generalized moodbar (multiple entry points, multiple streams for feedback dashboard


    1. of total comments
    2. of responses
    3. of helpful
    4. of users who view response <-- important that we have some form of denominator to know whether x helpful is good or not
  • impact on edit behavior (Dario)

Leaderboard Features[edit]

  • Persistence. Per Sue's comment during today's all-staff, we should consider adding a feature which incorporates the idea of persistence to the leaderboard. Right now, the leaderboard represents the most active responders in the past 7 days, so even the most active responder may fall off if they take a few days off. The easiest way to do this is to have a lifetime toggle.
  • Different types of rankings. We should think about different ways of ranking the leaderboard. Right now, it's ranked by # of responses. We should think about incorporating ideas like most helpful responder, though there may not be enough activity right now to support such a feature