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Why this page exists

To serve as a hub for documentation pages and fragments that deal specifically with enterprise wiki as defined on this page and in the mw glossary. By strictly adhering to this definition, it is hoped that it will provide value-added to those clients over the more general documentation organization that deals with wider interests.

What belongs here

Rationales on enterprise uses of mediawiki, and links to the relevant content in the general mediawiki documentation. Enterprise does not have unique interests, they should all be documented fully elsewhere, and only linked and transcluded for brevity and conciseness here. Nobody wants to maintain something in multiple places.

IRC discussions on the term enterprise

Ofbeaton (talkcontribs)

For the discussions on 2011-12-07 I recommend starting when Ryan_Lane joins the conversation, that is close to where consensus was reached and will save a lot of discussion back and forth between varnent and myself. You can also look at the history of pages like Enterprise_use_of_MediaWiki and Manual:Industrialization_guide for indications on past directions for enterprise documentation.

The result of these discussion was the creation of this page, a seperation of 'third-party wiki' and 'enterprise wiki' in the glossary and the redirection of current enterprise pages to this location.

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