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Proposed new section for this document

ArielGlenn (talkcontribs)

I"d like to add the following new section:


Knowledge sharing

There are no formal processes for knowledge sharing for engineers from other teams. As a visiting engineer, you will probably want to decide what information to prioritize: internal code structure of an extension which your team maintains? Nuts and bolts of testing, debugging and monitoring processes using the service your team owns? Interfaces to your code used in MediaWiki core? Or perhaps all of the above!

You may wish to prepare a presentation for the CPT team as a whole, that covers an overview of the topic, and a second more in depth presentation for a few members of the team who will end up working with you closely during the sprint. Since knowledge sharing is a different focus from getting tasks done from the backlog, you may wish to choose one task, either from your own list or from CPT's workboard, that provides the opportunity for discussion and assimilation of the topics you have chosen.

Work sessions may be scheduled with the team members that will be working closely with you during the sprint; these may be Google Meet sessions or irc chats, for example.

Because there is no formal process for knowledge sharing, you should be prepared to drive the process yourself, checking with the team manager for the sprint to schedule presentations, work sessions, and so on. You'll also want to follow up with all participants to make sure that all work products are published somewhere appropriate. Any presentations or documents that result from the sprint should be recorded and/or shared at least across Wikimedia. If documents can be made public, that's even better; they can be added to ... some wiki (where do we want these? MediaWiki?)


Mandy had asked me to comment here rather than editing the page directly (a good call given that this is CPT's process and not mine!). Comments/corrections/gripes please?

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