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Sending an announcement to the bug reporters

Qgil-WMF (talkcontribs)

As discussed with Andre & Valerie somewhere some days back, I have sent an email to the 66 reporters of open bugs related to our next QA weekly goal: LiquidThreads bug triage.

Let's see how effective this is. In the pro side the most affected & interested contributors will have more chances to know about the event. In the con side we have a potential risk of people feeling spammed. Let's see if we see a change in participation or complaints.

As a user I wouldn't mind receiving these unsolicited mails. They will be at most one every two weeks, and only if I reported a related bug. Let's see whether this is the general opinion.

Also, I got 2 delivery status notifications. Is this something useful for the Bugzilla admins?

This post was posted by Qgil-WMF, but signed as Qgil.

Nemo bis (talkcontribs)

I think this is a very nice idea, 66 people will feel some love is being shoved on their reports. :) Much better than "ping" comments on bugs that end up just adding to bugspam. Many of the reporters (thanks also for this link) are well-known folks that probably are in the loop anyway, but the others are precious targets. ;-)

Qgil-WMF (talkcontribs)

Yeah, the pings in comments was another experiment but I won't repeat it. The bug activity itself will serve as heads up to whoever is paying attention to bugmail.

I'm glad to hear that the first feedback is positive!

This post was posted by Qgil-WMF, but signed as Qgil.

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