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Peachey88 (Flood) (talkcontribs)

Shouldn't we just use Meta? We could change its domain name accordingly.... don't see the need to setup an entirely new central wiki when we already have one.

This post was posted by Peachey88 (Flood), but signed as Jasper Deng.

Peachey88 (Flood) (talkcontribs)

The first issue is that we would like to disable all user javascript, and drastically limit the number of admins who could add javascript to the site. Since all users will have sessions on this site that can be used across domains, we want to be extra caution about how the site can be attacked. Second, it simplifies a lot of things if the wiki only has global accounts, and cannot be accessed by non-global accounts.

This post was posted by Peachey88 (Flood), but signed as CSteipp.

P858snake (talkcontribs)

We've discussed (randomly chucked ideas around IRC) having a central wiki for user pages [and subsequent talk pages] and as the work on global user preferences progresses, As well as a single place to call as the "home wiki" on all new user creations (as there is one or two minor issues that can happen if there home wiki is deleted (yes, rare, but has happened)). Would these be acceptable uses the central wiki?

Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)

The central wiki for this work will effectively become the "home wiki" for all users (though once we've finished the finalisation of SUL, the concept of home-wiki will cease to really mean anything).

Cross-wiki notification is planned to be provided by Echo (and through it, cross-wiki notifications of Flow-based communication), so I'm not sure there'd be much value in a new central wiki for this kind of feature. However, global profiles and global user preferences would indeed both be something a central wiki could provide - though there's no particular reason why this couldn't be provided by meta for those items, as they do not pose security issues if users can write and cause to be executed arbitrary JS and CSS.

PerfektesChaos (talkcontribs)
  • I am really looking forward to see the birth of a central wiki.
    • The user space there should be used to administrate global preferences as well as global resource pages, mainly CSS and JavaScript. Moreover the user page will serve as a global business card, which could tell what languages are understood, where the home ground is, and perhaps good old PGP fingerprint or whatever.
    • Since there wouldn't be many volunteers to do global cleanup, removing vandalism from project pages and deleting illegal storage of undesired material and so on, creation of pages by non-sysops might be limited to the own user page, the standardized resource files like mypage/common.css or mypage/vector.js and nothing else.
  • I do expect to see both global and local preferences and resource pages in a cascading manner.
    • There might be things I want to be configured world-wide for any wiki. They are put on the global wiki.
    • When working on a particular wiki of particular type, I need special configuration for this human language, with those project pages, on this type of project like wikipedia or wikidata or wikisource or commons.
    • I expect the following sequence when working on a local wiki (CSS example): MWGlobal.css → site:Common.css → site:Vector.css → SUL:common.css → SUL:vector.css → user:common.css → user:vector.css (leaving empty what I won't need).
  • Since meta: is already loaded with many thousands of project pages and it is a working project, I might want to have local adaptions on meta: and I don't want those to be shared with all other projects.
    • Threfore I would prefer a blank wiki with only some tutorial pages and nothing else to do than editing the own user pages.


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