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trying to login on other mediawiki pages, cannot

GeneralPatton007 (talkcontribs)

I've been trying to login to edit a wiki for a while, but whenever I try to login on that wiki, it says that my username does not exist. But when I go to the mediawiki home page or a similar page, like here, my username is accepted.

What am I doing wrong here?

Neil P. Quinn-WMF (talkcontribs)

@GeneralPatton007, which other wiki are you trying to log into? If it's not a Wikimedia wiki (like Wikipedia or Wiktionary), it's managed by someone else, so you'll need to create a separate account.

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MediaWiki:SiteNotice and PAGENAME magic word

Stargy (talkcontribs)

Can I make it so it gets the page name from the current article and not the sitenotice itself?:

The very top text is the sitenotice.

I'm guessing this occurs because of caching, so how do I disable SiteNotice's caching? I added these on my LocalSettings.php:

$wgEnableParserCache = false;
$wgCachePages = false;

but it didn't work.

Stargy (talkcontribs)


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jquery.cookie fired after MediaWiki:Common.js on mobile

Subfader (talkcontribs)

The module jquery.cookie is fired after MediaWiki:Common.js on mobile devices. This makes it impossible to use $.cookie in MediaWiki:Common.js.

Why is that so?

MW 1.25.2

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)
mw.loader.using('jquery.cookie').done(function() { 
  // Your code goes here
Subfader (talkcontribs)

Thanks, turns out I used it in a function that fired on $(document).ready() and $(window).load() depending on mobile or not. Using mw.loader.using('jquery.cookie').done() now.

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LABoyd2 (talkcontribs)

I wish to combine 2 pages of the OpenSCAD into one. I have no problem combining the contents into one of the two pages. What needs to go into the other page, so I don't mess things up?


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CasperLet Website Doesn't Reflect A Rent Payment

Pat Perth (talkcontribs)

A new tenant paid rent for a vacant unit last night. I was standing right there. The rent box now says the unit is rented. My Linden account reflects her payment. The casperlet website still says the unit is vacant. How do I get the website to recognize that the unit is rented?

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Swennet (talkcontribs)

I have followed the Manual on Short URLs and it works perfectly except for yet-to-be-created pages.

For example, on Main_Page there is a link to the uncreated page Sub_Page, this URL points to my 'ugly' MediaWiki installation folder and uses an ugly url:

It should look like this:

The rest of my website uses the prety URLs, so I have no idea why this is happening.

How do I fix this? (talkcontribs)

Found the answer to my own question by chance here:$wgActionPaths

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LiturgicaNotata (talkcontribs)

While clearing up another Problem (Language inconsistency at "Create account" - de-formal) I stumbled across the page count on the "Create-account"-page. On my wiki ( ) we have created nearly 200 pages, but the system message tells me "97 Seiten". Thanks to the tip Ciencia Al Poder gave me on my previous problem, I was able to track down the system message, it is createacct-benefit-head2 that links to the template ((NUMBEROFARTICLES)). I have no experience with templates, so I have no idea how to go on.

PS: I'm not happy with the editor. No preview-button, and the text of the template got converted to "30.555" even when I tried to add the nowiki-tag.

AKlapper (WMF) (talkcontribs)

PS: The editor says "You can preview the result anytime" at the bottom for me including a link. Does it not for you?

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

The number of articles appears in Special:Statistics, and it's not the number of pages. See Manual:Article count for an explanation.

LiturgicaNotata (talkcontribs)

I just read the Manual:Article count, and I'm not sure what the sentence "In recent versions of MediaWiki, the existence of links is checked against the values that you also find in the database tables, including not only pagelinks but also templatelinks, categorylinks and imagelinks." means. Does it mean: Pages that include categorylinks but not links to pages in the namespace are not counted? That might explain why so many of the pages in my wiki are not counted: I think all contain categories, but only a part of them have actually links to other pages in the namespace. If so, I think I should try to find a way to change the way of counting in my wiki.

As for the PS: No, there was really no preview function. But inside of the Editor mask there is on the right a symbol "Zum Wikitext-Editor wechseln"; I just tried that, and there, instead of those symbols that were there, I see now the text "Wikitext verwendet Markup und du kannst jederzeit eine Vorschau des Ergebnisses anzeigen". I think I should change my preferences accordingly...

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

It only counts links, not templates, categories, etc. You can change $wgArticleCountMethod to count all pages in content namespace that are not redirect

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Zero275 (talkcontribs)

I'm a new member and I've recently starting doing some phpwiki editing. I'd appreciate some assistance with a dilemma I've been having. I'm using MediaWiki, according to the image in the bottom left of my Wiki.

As for the backstory, I'm working as a moderator for an online text game, and my primary role is to update the Wiki, which is the subject of my dilemma. The page I'm currently working on (which you'll find below) is a simple alphabetical list category page, with essentially nothing on it; rather, other pages have tags that revert to the 'category page' and thus they appear on the list in supposed alphabetical order. The tag I use is as follows:

[[Category:Units (Lightning)|Template:PageName]]

The above tag goes on other 'unit' pages, and the title of those unit pages appear on the list I'm working on. So, backstory over. Now begins the problem.

There are unit titles appearing on the list that I don't want to appear. So, naturally, I went into those unit pages, and deleted the tag from the page. Problem solved, right? No. Instead of disappearing off the list like they were supposed to, they moved from their appropriate spot alphabetically and appeared in the MIDDLE of the list for no apparent reason. After checking (and re-checking) the unit pages for ANY TAGS whatsoever, I could find no explanation for why they are appearing on my list. You'll notice, on the list itself, that 'Assassin' and 'Minor Elemental' appear out-of-order (second column, middle). Those are the titles I attempted to delete. And, because the list itself has...essentially nothing on it to delete, I can't simply edit the list and delete it. This is my problem.I've tried deleting the unit pages, and they still appear on the list. When I re-add the tag found above, they resume existing on the list in their CORRECT alphabetical spot, but other than that, there is literally no way I've found to remove them from this list.

I tried clearing the cache with ?action=purge, but this hasn't worked as far as I can readily ascertain. I was told, by an experienced friend, that the cache is filled with old data, and this is why this problem is occurring, but outside of trying the purge, I received no other suggestions, other than doing a dummy edit to update the page (which I did, unsuccessfully).

I would appreciate all the help I can get. The link is below. Thank you so much in advance.

Zero275 (talkcontribs)

This is the version, as far as I can tell:

Installed software

MediaWiki - 1.16.0

PHP - 5.3.10-1 ubuntu - 3.19 (apache2handler

MySQL - 5.5.22-0ubuntu1-log

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

The software you run (version 1.16) has dozens of open security issues. Please do run supported versions:

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

You have 2 pages with the same title on the wiki (but different page IDs):

Page ID 11409, namespace 0, title Lightning:Minor Elemental (this one has the category)|revisions|categories&rvprop=ids|timestamp|flags|comment|user|content&rvlimit=10&rvdir=newer&pageids=11409&format=jsonfm

Page ID 12324, namespace 406, title Lightning:Minor Elemental (this one is not, and is the page you're editing)|revisions|categories&rvprop=ids|timestamp|flags|comment|user|content&rvlimit=50&rvdir=newer&pageids=12324&format=jsonfm

Apparently, you added the Lightning: namespace when there were existing pages with Lightning: in the title? You'll need to run Manual:namespaceDupes.php to fix this mess...

Zero275 (talkcontribs)

Thank you so much. Could you please shed some light on how you found this page? And, perhaps how to go about running the maintenance script? As in, what would I need to do in order to proceed with the namespaceDupes?

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

I first checked for categories on the page:|categories&titles=Lightning:Minor%20Elemental&format=jsonfm

and then for what pages were on that category:

Which then noticed that the page id's were different

As per namespaceDupes.php, it will rename titles adding a prefix or suffix to the page name, so you can decide what to do with them. Try the script first without the --fix parameters to see what would do, and if the actions it performs are right, run it again with the --fix option.

But the best option IMHO would be to use the --merge option, which will attempt to merge the page histories of both to the correct name. Sadly, this option was added for MediaWiki 1.25 and you are running 1.16...

About the prefix or suffix, once moved, you could manually merge histories by deleting the page with the correct name, renaming the fixed page to the correct name, deleting, and then restoring all revisions. This could be tedious if there are many pages.

Zero275 (talkcontribs)

And, the best way to go about accomplishing the namespaceDupe would be to use PuTTy after being granted privilege to run maintenance scripts, correct?

Or is the manner in which I accomplish this different according to my version? I'm following these directives:

I truly appreciate all the assistance. I wish there was some way to access the actual duplicate pages (since there aren't too many I need to remove the tags from), but alas, it seems not.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Yes, you need shell access to run the maintenance script. If not, you still could run some of them using Extension:Maintenance and Extension:MaintenanceShell, or setting a cron job that in turn calls the script with the appropriate parameters (some hostings may allow this even if they don't provide shell access).

You need to fix those inaccessible pages because they'll generate noise in other parts of the wiki, like backlinks to pages, etc.

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Uri Even-Chen (talkcontribs)

Hi. Regarding preventing spam on my website, - I want to try to create an invisible captcha, that will use the math captcha to ask a math question, such as 75+10. But increment each number by a number selected randomly per session (n), so for example if this number is n=2 then the captcha will display 75+10 but expect the result of 77+12 (89) and not 85. Then a JavaScript code will update the input field to 89 after 6 seconds, and all the captcha fields will be invisible by CSS or JavaScript (*position*: absolute; *left*:-10000px; *top*:-10000px;). Then humans will not see the captcha at all, but if it takes them at least 6 seconds before they submit the form then the captcha will be correct; bots who leave the field empty or enter any number which is not 89 will fail. The number n will not be visible anywhere but the JavaScript code will know the correct solution (89).

I want to know if anybody tried this solution before and if you think it can prevent bots from creating accounts or articles on my website? And are there any developers who can help me create such an extension to MediaWiki, which will be used with ConfirmEdit?

By the way, Speedypedia supports Hebrew and English, and only the English version is currently protected by username & password, because it was flooded with spam. The Hebrew version was never flooded with spam. If you want to see the English version, please contact me personally on

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

That looks smart, although would prevent people that doesn't have JavaScript enabled to edit your wiki

Uri Even-Chen (talkcontribs)

JavaScript must be enabled to use my website. That's OK.

Florianschmidtwelzow (talkcontribs)

> The number n will not be visible anywhere but the JavaScript code will know the correct solution (89). ??? JavaScript is client side code, so basically any bot has the ability to know the answer :) It "just" need to read the incoming JS code.

And your thoughts will work for bots that try to register as much as possible accounts all over the web, but it will definitely won't work for targeted bots. An experienced developer will (maybe) find out your little "easter egg" and program the bot to leave the field as is. Another situation would be (if you anti spam would be used on many sites), that a bot programmer would reletively easy find out, what he has to do. Your solution has one problem: It can be calculated for anyone, not just your server and humans :) Your solution isn't much better as a plain MathCaptcha.

So, in my opinion: I wouldn't force the use of JavaScript to implement such a CAPTCHA :)

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J.freiberger (talkcontribs)


I am a new member here, I'm familiar with media wiki (and Extension "BlueSpice") as an Author. I'm new in administrative Topics. (But did a lot php and SQL programming years ago).

I installed MediaWiki successful (I also Plan to install BlueSpice, but didn't yet. Hope it works together with MultiLanuageManager).

Now I want to install MultiLanguageManger, because I have english and german users and want to make them able to switch languages like in

First of all, it seems to me that the download link is dead (Extension:MultiLanguageManager), where can i download the Extension?



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