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max-width in Vector skin to control site layout width

9 (talkcontribs)

It's one of the dumber design aspects of MediaWiki and Wikipedia and their skins that the site fills 100% of the screen width, regardless of resolution, leading to a ridiculous appearance on high resolution monitors.

Short of a grid layout or other sophisticated approaches, what is required is a sensible max-width for the entire site layout, in the order of 1000 - 1300 px I suggest, allowing the site to scale horizontally below that but freeze on decent res screens.

I had a bunch of CSS modifications for Monobook that worked well, but they made use of the #globalWrapper which is not present in Vector. I am trying to migrate my old Monobook styling across to Vector.

I played around with adding styles to the various page elements in Vector, and even the <body> tag, but ended up frustrated trying to get the header and sidebar elements to cooperate.

Has anyone worked out some CSS for Vector that does the trick?

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

This is as close as I can get:

/* upper blue line */
#mw-head-base {
	margin-left: auto !important;
	margin-right: auto !important;
  max-width: 1000px !important;
/* lower blue line + footer content */
#footer {
	margin-left: auto !important;
	margin-right: auto !important;
  max-width: 1000px !important;
/* main content */
#content {
	margin-left: auto !important;
	margin-right: auto !important;
  max-width: 1000px;
} (talkcontribs)

Yep I got about as far myself.

  1. mw-page-base can be styled similarly but the page tabs, personal links, and the sidebar (which would now float over top of the content on lower resolutions) stump me.
MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

Just came up with something I like a little better:

/* upper blue line */
#mw-head-base {
	margin-left: auto !important;
	margin-right: auto !important;
	max-width: 1000px !important;
/* lower blue line + footer content */
#footer {
	margin-left: auto !important;
	margin-right: auto !important;
	max-width: 1000px !important;
/* main content */
#content {
	margin-left: auto !important;
	margin-right: auto !important;
	max-width: 1000px;
#bodyContent {
	z-index: 10;
#mw-navigation {
	margin-right: auto !important;
	max-width: 1190px;
        min-width: 1000px;
	position: absolute;
	top: 0;
        left: 50%;
        margin-left: -500px;
div#mw-panel {
	position: relative;
	left: 0;
	margin-left: -190px;
div#mw-head {
	position: relative;
        right: 0;
        margin-right: 0;
        max-width: 1000px;
} (talkcontribs)

That is an improvement. The page/discussion tabs are not left-aligned to the article, and the sidebar disappears off the screen at lower resolutions, but it's promising.

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

I don't have time to do more now. And I still don't understand why you don't adjust your window to make it look better. But maybe someone else can offer more help. (talkcontribs)

For me, I want to do this because my browser window has other tabs that conform to modern browsing standards, so I don't want to resize my window every time I switch to or from a wikipedia tab.

If someone is able to help, I think I almost have it, on a very vanilla vector-skinned site:

I can't figure out how to make the navigation behave well:

/* working ... */
        margin-left:auto !important;
	max-width: 950px;

#footer {
	margin-left: auto !important;
	margin-right: auto;
	max-width: 950px;

/* testing */
#mw-navigation {
        margin-left: auto !important;
	margin-right: auto;
	max-width: 1140px;
        top: 0;

Thanks for any help!

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

For anyone who wants to try this but doesn't know how, you need to put it on your common.css page.

Spas.Z.Spasov (talkcontribs)

For Vector skin put next lines into MediaWiki:Vector.css:

    /* set max width and fix the background */
    body {
    	position: relative;
    	margin-left: auto !important;
    	margin-right: auto !important;
    	max-width: 1280px;
        background-position: top left;
        background-repeat: repeat-x;
    	background-size: 100% 5em;
        background-image: url(/skins/Vector/images/page-fade.png);
        background-color: #f6f6f6;
        background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,color-stop(50%,#ffffff),color-stop(100%,#f6f6f6));
        background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top,#ffffff 50%,#f6f6f6 100%);
        background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top,#ffffff 50%,#f6f6f6 100%);
        background-image: linear-gradient(#ffffff 50%,#f6f6f6 100%);
    /* set blue right border */
    .mw-body {
        border-right: 1px solid #A7D7F9;
        /* min-height: 60%; */
    /** fix the position of:
    			personal user menu
    			search bar
    			the pop-up indicator of language selector
    			search suggestions 
    #p-personal { right: 3pt; }
    #p-search { margin-right: 3pt; }
    .imeselector { position: fixed; }
    .suggestions { right: 3pt !important; }

If you want to apply this CSS for the restricted pages, write down next line into your `LocalSettings.php`, but first check this comment:

    $wgAllowSiteCSSOnRestrictedPages = true;
Reply to "max-width in Vector skin to control site layout width"

How can I add a localized name to a custom namespace?

Jan Sende (talkcontribs)

Hey guys, I followed the manual for adding a custom namespace via LocalSettings.php and it works fine. However i want to display it's text differently in multiple languages. How can I achieve that? I tried using variants of:<br\> $namespaceNames['de'] = array( NS_EXERCISES => 'Übungen', NS_EXERCISES_TALK => 'Übungen_Diskussion', );<br\> But nothing happens. I even tried modifying the variables directly in the language file, but still nothing happened. So, what is the right way to do this?

Nemo bis (talkcontribs)

I've never heard of a way to have a namespace have a different name in each language on a same wiki; you probably got confused. At most you can set $wgNamespaceAliases.

If you want to translate the display title of pages, please use Translate. Be aware of bugzilla:29928.

This comment was hidden by (history)
Sergezolotukhin (talkcontribs)

Try $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_EXERCISES ] = "Übungen"; (talkcontribs)

I don't see how $wgExtraNamespaces would display the name differently depending on language.

Sergezolotukhin (talkcontribs)

Oh. I read the question no closely

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

You can define an alias for a namespace, for example, Image: is an alias for File:, but, only one of those alias is the main one and the one that will be displayed and used by MediaWiki. You can link a page using an alias namespace, but it will point to the "canonical" namespace name.

So if you define german aliases for english custom namespaces, you can use them to link to pages of that namespace, but when your users follow that link they'll see the english namespace and not the german one.

It can't be done per "user language", because that will break the cache, URLs (namespace is part of the URL) and who knows what other things.

Sergezolotukhin (talkcontribs)

Thank you!

Aliases do not solve the problem.

> It can't be done per "user language" -- but it works with internal namespaces. I mean there are different sites with one namespace value (NS_PROJECT for example) and different titles:

so on...

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

As I said, it doesn't work per "user language". Служебная:Спецстраницы doesn't work on any english wiki, no matter if your language is set to russian.

Sergezolotukhin (talkcontribs)

yes. but it works in russian site and this is I want to get. something like

def NS_EXERCISES = 3000;

wgLocalizedNs[NS_EXERCISES] = ['en' => 'new ns', 'ru' => 'новая ns' ... ] (talkcontribs)

So the answer is: If you want to link to a namespace, then this only is possible with its real name.

However, the name, which is displayed on a namespace tab, this name omes from an interface message. And interface messages can be localized. That way it should be possible to display a different name on the tab and this depending on user language. I don't know how confusing this might be, but technically it should be possible.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Using aliases you can link with an alias or the real name. However only the real name will be displayed on the URL and the page title.

Sergezolotukhin (talkcontribs)

I have this solution:


define("NS_STORY", 3000);

define("NS_STORY_TALK", 3001);

$wgExtraNamespaces[NS_STORY] = "Story";

$wgNamespaceProtection[NS_STORY] = array( 'edit-story' );

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit-story'] = true;


require_once "$IP/../hosting.settings.php";


switch ( $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] ) {

case '':

$wgServer = "";

$wgFileCacheDirectory = "/var/cache/";

$wgDBname = "xxx_ru";

$wgShellLocale = "ru_RU.utf8";

$wgLanguageCode = "ru";

$wgExtraNamespaces[NS_STORY] = "Истории"; // just redefine!



so on...

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Do you mean the same wiki and database is accessible from different hosts? You'll have broken links browsing your wiki as unregistered user unless you disable all caching. Saving an edit on the ru.* host will save links to that namespace as Истории but the other host will also display links as that, where that namespace is not defined.

Reply to "How can I add a localized name to a custom namespace?"
NessBirdSupport (talkcontribs)

Is there any way to configure the wiki to allow it to be embedded in an iframe? It is forbidden due to X-Frame-Options. I want to use the wiki as the help for my online system. It won't be editable by the public, so I'm not concerned with the security. I'm using a free hosting service where I can't make system-wide configuration changes.

Thanks for your help.

Reply to "Allow wiki in iFrame?" (talkcontribs)

Hey. I upgraded mediawiki from 1.25.2 to 1.27.1, on my testwiki, on xampp, using git. I used <nowiki>git clone -b REL1_27</nowiki> and cloned it to htdocs in the xampp folder. Then I installed composer in the new mediawiki version. I must mention that I only managed to do the first step of the installation instructions for composer, as it gave an error at the second one 'corrupted installer'. I downloaded the composer.phar snapshot manually then managed to install it, after all, using the instruction provided on this wiki. Then I copied the extensions, images and localsettings from the old medawiki and ran both the web updater and update.php from the shell (just to be extra sure). The problem was that, every time I tried to log in, it would redirect me to the old version. After I moved the old version out of the folder, it gave me an error saying it can't find the site. So what I did was change the name of the new version to that of the old version. It worked, but I couldn't log in using the credentials that I had. It still let me log in on the wiki, though, because, after two failed tries, the option to 'skip' appeared. So I changed the password in the database, to both the root account and the personal account and now I got this error and I just can't get around to it:

Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.

Try waiting a few minutes and reloading.

(Cannot access the database)

You can try searching via Google in the meantime.

Note that their indexes of our content may be out of date.

I really don't know what else to do. I can't understand how to change the database to the new version, without having to change the name of the new version. Maybe I need to move the accounts or something? What am I doing wrong? Please reply as I would like to do the same thing on the real wiki. I must mention I used git clone instead of git checkout because the old version was downloaded and unzipped manually. I would appreciate any help. Thanks! (talkcontribs)

So to sum it up, you say that you have installed the new version, that you have successfully updated the database. Basically at this point your upgrade is finished. If there are no problems, this would be it. There is nothing needed to change names or to move an account. At this point, you realized that you are having a problem with login, that is that login did not work.

The error message "Cannot access the database" points to wrong database credentials. I don't know, what you have changed in the steps where you say that you have changed the password in the database, but I think that what you did there was wrong.

Make sure that in your LocalSettings.php file you are using the correct username and password for your MySQL database! Should you have changed the password of the MySQL user, which you are using to access this database, make sure that both, the password as stored in MySQL and in LocalSettings.php, are the same!

Note that these credentials, of the MySQL user, which you also have in LocalSettings.php, are different from the credentials of MediaWiki users - even if you might have users inside MediaWiki, which have the same username as the MySQL user.

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File descriptions aren't fetched

Summary by Till Kraemer

Fetching file descriptions from a pool wiki can be a problem if you run php_fpm in a chroot jail. Make sure DNS works inside the chroot.

Till Kraemer (talkcontribs)


I'm running multiple language wikis and one pool wiki. The problem is that no file descriptions are fetched in the language wikis although $wgFetchCommonsDescriptions is set to true.

LocalSettings.php of the language wikis:

$wgUseSharedUploads = true;
$wgSharedUploadPath = '';
$wgSharedUploadDirectory = '/path/to/pool/w/images/';
$wgHashedSharedUploadDirectory = true;

$wgFetchCommonsDescriptions = true;
$wgSharedUploadDBname = 'poolwiki';  # DB-Name of PoolWiki
#$wgSharedUploadDBprefix = 'wiki_'; # Table name prefix for PoolWiki
$wgRepositoryBaseUrl = "";

ForeignAPIRepo used to work fine before, but since I switched from Apache to Nginx, no images show up anymore in the language wikis.

This is how my LocalSettings.php used to look like:

$wgForeignFileRepos[] = array(
   'class'                   => 'ForeignAPIRepo',
   'name'                    => 'pool',
   'apibase'                 => '',
   'fetchDescription'        => true, // Optional
   'descriptionCacheExpiry'  => 43200, // 12 hours, optional (values are seconds)
   'apiThumbCacheExpiry'     => 0, // required for local thumb caching

I also tried to set 'name' => 'poolwiki', (name of the pool database) but that doesn't work either.

My software: MediaWiki: 1.22.0
PHP: 5.3.27 (fpm-fcgi)
MySQL: 5.1.70-log

Any help is more than appreciated.

Thanks and cheers,

Till Kraemer (talkcontribs)

I had problems fetching file descriptions, because php_fpm was running in a chroot jail. Thanks and cheers!

Wikibase on third-party wikis

Summary by Till Kraemer

Using Wikibase on third-party wikis can be a problem if you run php_fpm in a chroot jail. Make sure DNS works inside the chroot.

Till Kraemer (talkcontribs)


I'm trying to use Wikibase on my pool wiki and language wikis.

In my pool wiki, I can create properties and items, but I can't add site links to them. ID: "Q1", site id: "cswiki", site link: "article name" gives me the error "The specified article could not be found on the corresponding site." even though that article exists on cswiki.

I also can't access data from the language wikis. If I use {{#property:P1}} in an article on cswiki, nothing shows up.

I downloaded Wikidata-refs-heads-master.tar.gz and extracted it to the extension folder of my pool wiki and language wikis.

My LocalSettings.php of the pool wiki looks like this:

# Wikibase
$wgEnableWikibaseRepo = true;
$wgEnableWikibaseClient = false;
$wmgUseWikibaseRepo = true;
$wmgUseWikibaseClient = false;
require_once __DIR__ . "/extensions/Wikidata/Wikidata.php";
require_once __DIR__ .

# SiteMatrix Extension
require_once "$IP/extensions/SiteMatrix/SiteMatrix.php";
$wgLocalDatabases = array( 'cswiki', 'dewiki', 'enwiki', 'eswiki',
'frwiki', 'huwiki', 'hywiki', 'itwiki', 'nlwiki', 'plwiki', 'poolwiki',
'ptwiki', 'ruwiki', 'srwiki', 'svwiki' );

My LocalSettings.php of the language wikis (cs for example) look like this:

# Wikibase Extension
$wgEnableWikibaseRepo = false;
$wgEnableWikibaseClient = true;
$wmgUseWikibaseRepo = false;
$wmgUseWikibaseClient = true;
require_once __DIR__ . "/extensions/Wikidata/Wikidata.php";

# Settings
$wgWBSettings['repoUrl'] = '';
$wgWBSettings['repoScriptPath'] = '/w';
$wgWBSettings['repoArticlePath'] = '/wiki/$1';
$wgWBSettings['siteGlobalID'] = 'cswiki';
$wgWBSettings['repoDatabase'] = 'poolwiki';
$wgWBSettings['changesDatabase'] = 'poolwiki';

# Optional
$wgWBSettings['siteGroup'] = 'mypedia';
$wgWBSettings['sort'] = 'code'; //optional
$wgWBSettings['sortPrepend'] = array(

In populateSitesTable.php, I changed "" to "" and "$validGroups = array( 'wikipedia', 'wikivoyage', 'wikiquote', 'wiktionary','wikibooks', 'wikisource', 'wikiversity', 'wikinews' );" to "$validGroups = array( 'mypedia' );"

Do I need to change "$wikiId = $this->getOption( 'wiki' );" too, since it says "wiki" is expanded to "wikipedia"?

Table "sites" in the poolwiki database looks like this:

site_id | site_global_key | site_type | site_group | site_source | site_language | site_protocol | site_domain | site_data | site_forward | site_config

1 | cswiki | mediawiki | mypedia | local | cs | http:// | com.mypedia.cs. | a:1:{s:5:"paths";a:2:{s:9:"file_path";s:5:"/w/$1";s:9:"page_path";s:8:"/wiki/$1";}} | 0 | a:0:{}


15 | poolwiki | mediawiki | pool | local | en | http:// | com.mypedia.pool. | a:1:{s:5:"paths";a:2:{s:9:"file_path";s:5:"/w/$1";s:9:"page_path";s:8:"/wiki/$1";}} | 0 | a:0:{}

I changed site_group "wikipedia" to "mypedia" and added data for site_protocol and site_domain by hand.

I noticed that the script path is "/w/$1" here, while $wgScriptPath in LocalSettings.php is actually "/w", could that cause any problems?

And should I change site_group of the pool to mypedia like I did with the language wikis or isn't that necessary?

Wikibase DataModel 0.8, Wikibase Repository 0.5 alpha, WikibaseLib 0.5 alpha and Wikidata show up in Special:Version of the pool wiki.

Wikibase Client 0.5 alpha, Wikibase DataModel 0.8, WikibaseLib 0.5 alpha and Wikidata show up in Special:Version of the language wikis.

MediaWiki 1.23.0, PHP 5.3.27 (fpm-fcgi), MySQL 5.1.70-log.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks and cheers,

Till Kraemer (talkcontribs)


for my own Wikibase repository to work on my third party wikis, do I need to set site_source in sites table to local on the repository database and to the database name of the repository in the client databases?

Thanks and cheers,

Till Kraemer (talkcontribs)

I'm now running MediaWiki 1.24.0. I can create items and properties in the repository but I can't add pages linked to an item. It always gives me the error "The specified article could not be found on the corresponding site. Details: The external client site did not provide page information".

On articles in the language wikis sometimes the "Add links" section appears, but if I click it to actually add some links, instantly "Error:" appears. On the page information it says "Datawiki item ID: None".

In the log files of the language wikis, the following entries show up:

[caches] main: MemcachedPhpBagOStuff, message: MemcachedPhpBagOStuff, parser: MemcachedPhpBagOStuff
Unstubbing $wgLang on call of $wgLang::unstub from Wikibase\Client\Hooks\SidebarHookHandlers::newFromGlobalState
[caches] LocalisationCache: using store LCStoreDB
Connected to database 0 at
[Wikibase\Client\WikibaseClient] getSite: The configured local id cs does not match any local ID of site cswiki: array ()
[Wikibase\SettingsArray] getSetting: setting otherProjectsLinkswas given as a closure, resolve it to array ()
[Wikibase\LangLinkHandler] getEntityLinks: Looking for sitelinks defined by the corresponding item on the wikibase repo.
LoadBalancer::openForeignConnection: opened new connection for 0/poolwiki
LoadBalancer::reuseConnection: freed connection 0/poolwiki
[Wikibase\LangLinkHandler] getEntityLinks: No corresponding item found for My Article
[Wikibase\LangLinkHandler] getEntityLinks: Found 0 links.
LoadBalancer::openForeignConnection: reusing free connection 0/poolwiki
LoadBalancer::reuseConnection: freed connection 0/poolwiki
LoadBalancer::openForeignConnection: reusing free connection 0/poolwiki
LoadBalancer::reuseConnection: freed connection 0/poolwiki
[warning] Failed to map interlanguage prefix de to a global site ID. [Called from Wikibase\LangLinkHandler::localLinksToArray 
in /path/to/wiki/cs/w/extensions/Wikidata/extensions/Wikibase/client/includes/LangLinkHandler.php at line 350]

Any help is more than appreciated.

Thanks and cheers,

Mika77 (talkcontribs)

How did you solve this issue?

Till Kraemer (talkcontribs)

@Mika77, thanks for your question and sorry I didn't post my solution earlier. I had problems running Wikibase, because php_fpm was running in a chroot jail. That's why I also had trouble fetching image descriptions. Cheers! (talkcontribs)


I don't know exactly where/to whom I should ask this question...

Is it possible to add an advanced filter functionality to the arrays?

Example :

How can I get items that runs on Linux/Unix that have the GPLv2 license?

Is there still a module that can do that? How can I make this suggestion to the Wikipedia team?


Jackmcbarn (talkcontribs)

See if Semantic MediaWiki does what you want. (talkcontribs)

In fact when I said "I don't know exactly where/to whom I should ask this question..." I meant I would like to submit the idea for the website, but I only found article related to the content itself, not the website functionality... To avoid that I also search on the Chrome web store to find extensions that can handle that... but nothing interesting in that area.

And so I can't really test if Semantic MediaWiki does what I want. Maybe it is too sophisticated and too heavy...

Reply to "Filter array" (talkcontribs)

Hello, I would like to setup MediaWiki with an Oracle database. As I understand the latest MediaWiki versions is unsupported due to open blocking bugs. My question is, will this problem be addressed at short notice, and would it be possible to migrate MediaWiki from MariaDB to an Oracle database, when it is supported?



Reply to "MediaWiki & Oracle database"
Earthendawn (talkcontribs)

I am using MediaWiki 1.17.0 after installing on a Linux server and completing the entire install process and placing the LocalSettings.php file in the root directory I am receiving an error after clicking the go to your wiki link that says"LocalSettings.php not found". I placed the file in the folder specified and I don't understand why it would say this. I tried an install on localhost but it did the same thing. I even tried setting all permissions to 7777 and still nothing. I have it up at my site and the wiki is going to be at I placed the wiki inside of another directory so it is located inside of /mentalhealth(this an elgg instalation)/wiki. I would like to have the wiki inside of the other directory because I would like my site to show it as /wiki instead of going to a whole mew site and having to setup a new subdomain. any help with this error message would be great. I wouldn't think it should matter what directory I put it in but now I don't know. Thanks, Douglas

Earthendawn (talkcontribs)

Problem solved I did a fresh install and fixed it. Thanks folks. (talkcontribs)

That doesn't really sound like a solution. I'm having this problem too, any other ideas? (talkcontribs)

I have this problem too . how can I solving that (talkcontribs)

You installed your wiki in a folder. In this folder you have several subfolders. Some of them are images/ extensions/ or skins/.

Put the LocalSettings.php file in the same folder, in which you have these subfolders, and it will work. (talkcontribs)

I've generated a LocalSettings.php file and put it in same same level as index.php / images / extensions and my mediawiki app still can not find it. (talkcontribs)

How did you fix this? thanks.

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

Are you really using MW 1.17? You should really install at least 1.19. (talkcontribs)

The original poster did - and he was fully up to date. In 2011. ;-)

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

I realize that, but the they said they were having the same problem. ;) (talkcontribs)

I'm having this problem with version 1.18.0 (have to recover from backup before upgrading to most current version -- have indeed checked that 1.18.0 is the correct version). I installed mediawiki in and moved LocalSettings.php to the /wiki/ folder as instructed, but I'm still getting the error message "LocalSettings.php not found."

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Check file permissions of the LocalSettings.php. Since it isn't now generated on the server but you need to manually upload it, it may have the wrong permissions and isn't readable by the server. (talkcontribs)

I had this problem after transferring from one server to another. It was caused by the LocalSettings.php file not having the correct capitalization (it was localsettings.php but should be LocalSettings.php). It didn't matter on the previous server because it was windows-based, whereas the new one is Linux where case matters. (talkcontribs)

No. This is not the problem. I have the file LocalSettings.php (with this capitalisation) inside the root folder (where index.php, extensions etc. are placed) and it tells me that it can't find LocalSettings.php.

It is the installation of a mediawiki 1.20.5 on a Linux Ubuntu 12.4.

So this issue is still unsolved. (talkcontribs)

Now it works on 1.20.7. Don't know why it didn't work before. I only made changes (echos in the LocalSettings) that I reverted afterwards. (talkcontribs)

check your /etc/httpd/conf.d/mediawiki119.conf file

if the paths there start with /var/www/mediawiki[,,,] then you likely placed the file in /usr/share/mediawiki[...]/ and you have not added a symlink from /var/www/mediawiki[,,,] (talkcontribs)

Check your SELinux settings.
sudo restorecon -FR <path to www directory> (talkcontribs)

copy LocalSettings to this directory /var/lib/mediawiki (this worked in my case) (talkcontribs)

cp LocalSettings.php file to /var/www/mediawiki folder and restart apache2 solved by problem. (talkcontribs)

If anybody is still having this issue what you want to do is copy the LocalSettings.php to your mediawiki folder that is located in /var/www/html and then change the user settings to www-data and not root this should fix the problem

Reply to "[RESOLVED] LocalSettings.php not found."
Sergezolotukhin (talkcontribs)


I have multilingual wiki-site with custom namespace "Story". The name of this namespace is good for english version, but in russian version i want to translate "Story" to rus "История" like done special namespaces Category (Категория), User (Пользователь) and so on.

What's the right way? Okay I can definde NS_STORY_EN, NS_STORY_RU ... but it's not good i bet.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

See Topic:Ru13btkitdgp8l2s

Sergezolotukhin (talkcontribs)

that is not exactly what I`m asking, but thank you :-P (talkcontribs)

The name, which is displayed on a namespace tab, this name comes from an interface message. And interface messages can be localized.

That way it should be possible to display a different name on the tab and this depending on user language. I don't know how confusing this might be, but technically it should be possible.

Sergezolotukhin (talkcontribs)

I need localized ns in browser address bar, not in namespace tab

Reply to "Localized alias for namespace"