Sunsetting Working Group/meeting notes/20171016

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  • Review action items
  • Update on Victoria/Toby meeting
    • tl;dr: won't happen until mid-Nov, shall we just make the document cleaned up enough (clear bolded/highlighted questions) to send for their review async?
    • ACTION: Erika will talk with Toby tomorrow (10/17) about the proposal that's coming. (meeting shifted to 10/20)

Qs for Toby/Victoria:

  • Are you ready to become a choke point at the end of the year/start of annual planning for decisions on decomm?
    • Actually they are the choke point already, the ask is if the proposed signaling method makes things better/tolerable
  • What information might you need to make decisions that the proposal does not address?
  • Please buffer in annual plan for slack that can be applied to emerging issues