Sunsetting Working Group


The Sunsetting Working Group (WG) came out of the 2017-08-14 WMF Technology Manager's face-to-face in order to answer questions about how Wikimedia, as a whole, should identify products (features, services) that should be sunset and what the guidelines are for sunsetting. This group followed the Special Interest Groups governance recommendations.

As of early 2018, the Sunsetting Working Group is no longer active. The output of the group's work became the Code stewardship reviews.

Members of the Working Group[edit]

  • Greg Grossmeier - Chair
  • Erika Bjune
  • Bryan Davis
  • Corey Floyd
  • Katie Horn
  • Ryan Kaldari
  • Faidon Liambotis
  • Sam Smith
  • Olga Vasileva
  • Brion Vibber

Meeting Notes[edit]