Summer of Code 2007/ideas

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wiki twexter[edit] proposes open software enabling translators to easily format bilingual text to help us learn languages. Interface enables users to easily create "twext" translations and to add new languages.

System promises to build bridges between a wide variety of languages; especially useful with songs, pithy quotes, proverbs, sayings, poems, etc.. System could integrate with variety of softwares, including multilingual Wikis.. is currently GPL/CCL, with flexibility to host variable licenses by permission.

Twext language trading system subscribes neither to theory of grammar study (boring), nor to philosophy of "immersion" (stressful), but rather to Stephen Krashen's theory of "Comprehensible Input"

ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD initiative expressed interest in mentoring twexter development for Google Summer of Code 2006. Jim Gettys was interested in Alexander Gelbukh as the active mentor for the project. Unfortunately, students didn't have enough time to produce qualified applications.

ALEXANDER GELBUKH has expressed a keen interest in mentoring development of the twexter language learning interface for inclusion in Google's Summer of Code for 2007, and will ideally convince students to begin development in the academic year of 2006-2007. challenges computer science students in México and around the world to deliver a lean version of twexter, potentially useful to millions of language learners around the world.

a WIKI INTERFACE for twexter will enable enable internet users to easily translate and share ideas and free language instruction services.. the lean specification at may be relatively easy to integrate with various versions of wiki softwares