Structured Data Across Wikimedia/Newsletter/2


Welcome to the newsletter for Structured Data Across Wikimedia (SDAW)! You can update your subscription to the newsletter at any time. If you have suggestions or questions, please let us know!

Thank you for your feedback!

First of all, we want to thank all of you for participating to our requests for feedback for the image recommendation features for experienced users!

If you have more insights to share regarding to your experience on Commons or on Wikipedia, please take a moment to do so! Also, if you know users who can be interested in sharing their perspectives, please let them know!

Remember: you can take part in the survey in English or in your native language.

Wikimania 2021 is about to start!

In a few days the 16th edition of the Wikimedia movement conference, Wikimania 2021, will finally take place! We will be there too, participating in a session dedicated to Structured Data, on Sunday, August 15, at .

The session will be presented and moderated by Andrew Lih (Wikimedia Strategist for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Wikimedia Strategist and Wikimedian-at-large for the Smithsonian Institution), Carly Bogen (Senior Program Manager, Structured Data, Wikimedia Foundation), Giovanna Fontenelle (Program Officer, GLAM and Culture, Wikimedia Foundation) and Fiona Romeo (Senior Manager, GLAM and Culture, Wikimedia Foundation). Be sure you won't miss it!

About the newsletter

This newsletter will be released only when there are things to discuss or to be announced, and we plan on doing it in the least invasive way for your talk (i.e. through your notifications). If you want it delivered to your talk, let us know.

Let us also know your thoughts on the project's talk page. If you have direct inquiries, you can also refer to my talk page.

-- Sannita (WMF) (talk)