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Diese Seite enthält eine Liste der häufigsten IDs und Klassen, vor allem wenn es wichtige Informationen über das, für was sie bestimmt sind, oder wenn es eine (mögliche) Kollision gibt.

Fühlen Sie sich frei, mehr hinzuzufügen (alphabetisch).

Selector Skin(s) Beschreibung Verfügbarkeit
#bodyContent monobook, vector Holds the page content, including categories, contentSub, ...
.client-nojs (all) JavaScript removes this and adds .client-js instead.
.comment Comment (edit summary) in history, recent changes, watchlist, ... The parentheses are inside this span.
.diff (all) Diff when comparing revisions (warning: collides with SyntaxHighlight GeSHi: <source lang="diff"> adds a class 'diff')
.editsection Around the edit section link next to section headers.
.firstHeading monobook, vector, modern The page title
#firstHeading monobook, vector The page title
.ltr (all) (deprecated) When the UI language is left-to-right. Before that, when the content language was LTR. See also.rtl. MW 1.18+ (r?)
.mediawiki (all)
.mw-content-ltr (all) Added on the same div as #id-mw-content-text, except on special pages and file pages, or when not viewing the page (e.g. history) or if the page doesn't exist. More info: directionality support Warning: Do not use this to get the content! (e.g. in JavaScript) MW 1.18+ (r?)
.mw-content-rtl (all) See .mw-content-ltr MW 1.18+ (r?)
#mw-content-text (all) Holds everything between the page title and contentSub on the one hand, and ArticleFeedback and categories on the other hand. Present on each page view (includes history view, non-existing pages, print view, ...)
bug 35247: should only contain actual page text
MW 1.19+ (r111647)
#pagehistory List of revisions when viewing action=history
.rtl (all) (deprecated) When the UI language is right-to-left. Before that, when the content language was RTL. See also.ltr. MW 1.18+ (r?)
.sitedir-ltr (all) When the wiki content language direction is left-to-right. When RTL, it is .sitedir-rtl obviously. MW 1.18+ (r91518)