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Rights messages describe each right available with MediaWiki. They accept wiki markup.

List of messages:

Message Definition
MediaWiki:Right-apihighlimits Use higher limits in API queries
MediaWiki:Right-autoconfirmed Not be affected by IP-based rate limits
MediaWiki:Right-autopatrol Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled
MediaWiki:Right-bigdelete Delete pages with large histories
MediaWiki:Right-block Block other users from editing
MediaWiki:Right-blockemail Block a user from sending email
MediaWiki:Right-bot Be treated as an automated process
MediaWiki:Right-browsearchive Search deleted pages
MediaWiki:Right-createaccount Create new user accounts
MediaWiki:Right-createpage Create pages (which are not discussion pages)
MediaWiki:Right-createtalk Create discussion pages
MediaWiki:Right-delete Delete pages
MediaWiki:Right-deletedhistory View deleted history entries, without their associated text
MediaWiki:Right-edit Edit pages
MediaWiki:Right-editinterface Edit the user interface
MediaWiki:Right-editusercssjs ( < 1.16 ) ⧼right-editusercssjs⧽
MediaWiki:Right-editusercss ( 1.16+ ) Edit other users' CSS files
MediaWiki:Right-edituserjs ( 1.16+ ) Edit other users' JavaScript files
MediaWiki:Right-import Import pages from other wikis
MediaWiki:Right-importupload Import pages from a file upload
MediaWiki:Right-ipblock-exempt Bypass IP blocks, auto-blocks and range blocks
MediaWiki:Right-markbotedits Mark rolled-back edits as bot edits
MediaWiki:Right-minoredit Mark edits as minor
MediaWiki:Right-move Move pages
MediaWiki:Right-movefile Move files
MediaWiki:Right-move-rootuserpages Move root user pages
MediaWiki:Right-move-subpages Move pages with their subpages
MediaWiki:Right-nominornewtalk Not have minor edits to discussion pages trigger the new messages prompt
MediaWiki:Right-noratelimit Not be affected by rate limits
MediaWiki:Right-patrol Mark others' edits as patrolled
MediaWiki:Right-protect Change protection levels and edit cascade-protected pages
MediaWiki:Right-proxyunbannable ( < 1.27 ) Bypass automatic blocks of proxies [1]
MediaWiki:Right-purge Purge the site cache for a page without confirmation
MediaWiki:Right-read Read pages
MediaWiki:Right-reupload Overwrite existing files
MediaWiki:Right-reupload-shared Override files on the shared media repository locally
MediaWiki:Right-rollback Quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page
MediaWiki:Right-siteadmin Lock and unlock the database
MediaWiki:Right-suppressredirect Not create redirects from source pages when moving pages
MediaWiki:Right-trackback ( < 1.19 ) Submit a trackback [2]
MediaWiki:Right-undelete Undelete a page
MediaWiki:Right-unwatchedpages View a list of unwatched pages
MediaWiki:Right-upload Upload files
MediaWiki:Right-upload_by_url Upload files from a URL
MediaWiki:Right-userrights Edit all user rights