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Two column edit conflict-Screenshot
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The Two Column Edit Conflict View is a new interface for the edit conflict resolution page. It highlights differences between the editor's and the conflicting change directly in the text field for an easy possibility to copy and paste desired pieces of the text and resolving the conflict.

It is provided as a beta feature from February to May 2017.


The Two Column Edit Conflict View aims to fulfil a wish from the German-speaking community's technical wishlist and is developed by WMDE's Tech team. More informations can be found on the main project page on Meta.


Enabling the new view: To enable the new view for edit conflict resolution, you have to be logged in and tick the checkbox for the Two Column Edit Conflict feature on the beta-features preferences page.

Two Column Edit Conflict View LTR 1.svg

After enabled, whenever an edit conflict happens, the new two-column view for conflict resolution will appear.
There are two columns: The first shows the conflicting changes and the second column is a text editor, whose content will be saved.

Two Column Edit Conflict View LTR 2.svg

Inside the box containing the conflicting changes, both the conflicting text and your text is shown, and the differences between the two are highlighted.

Two Column Edit Conflict View LTR 3.svg

When javascript is enabled, you can use buttons above the box which allow you to hide any unchanged parts of the text to make it easier to focus on the conflicting areas.

Two Column Edit Conflict View LTR 0.svg

The second column is an editor. When the page is opened, there is a selection box on top of the editor. It lets you decide which version should be in the editor. This is often the version where more changes were made.

Two Column Edit Conflict View LTR 4.svg

You can then copy and paste the desired parts of the text to the editor to adjust the version that should be saved.
Once you hit the "Publish changes" button, the version from the editor will be saved.

Deployment roadmap[edit]

As a beta feature:

  • 2017-02-06 YesY Done
  • Meta: 2017-02-13 YesY Done
  • Dewiki: 2017-02-14 YesY Done
  • Arwiki: 2017-02-21 YesY Done
  • Hewiki: 2017-02-23 YesY Done
  • Fiwiki: 2017-04-12 YesY Done
  • On all other wikis: 2017-05-10 YesY Done

Help with translation[edit]

The software messages for the feature can be translated on translate wiki. Any help is much appreciated!