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Flow is available as a beta feature on the following wikis:

On these Wikis, you can activate Flow on your Beta preferences by clicking on the link above. You can see what will happen then on the documentation.

Request Flow on a page[edit]

If you want to have that Beta feature on your wiki, please follow that process. Please note you will need to prove that a decision involving the local community has been taken.

If you want to activate a Flow board on a wikiproject talk page or a community talk page on one wikis where Flow is already activated, please follow the regular process. For these cases, the community consensus can be only local (e.g. the wikiproject members for a wikiproject page).

Flow as default discussion system[edit]

Some Wikis use Flow as the primary discussion system. When you create a talk page on these wikis, Flow is automatically enabled.

Track activations[edit]

Track the number of activations with that graph.