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Date:20:06, 30 March 2012
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#Comment by Valhallasw (talk | contribs)   12:54, 1 April 2012

Shouldn't we svn:ignore them at a higher level?

#Comment by Xqt (talk | contribs)   13:26, 1 April 2012

I don't know how to: svn:ignore on the base directory with recursive option changes all subdirs and overrides the given setting

#Comment by Valhallasw (talk | contribs)   13:29, 1 April 2012

You're right, SVN doesn't allow this (git does).

It can be set 'recursively' with

svn propset svn:ignore --recursive

but this just applies the change to all subfolders.

See also: svn propget svn:ignore --recursive

Thus editing it per folder seems the right thing to do! Sorry for the disturbance :-)

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