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Date:01:12, 8 March 2011
Status:resolved (Comments)
Remove the limit on edit count, it is unnecessary now that we have job queue support. Untested.
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r84228* Fixed wfIncrStats calls from r83617 (I assume this wants the # of jobs added)...aaron07:06, 18 March 2011
r846041.17wmf1: MFT r83494, r84454, r84464, r84543, r84574. Did not merge the i18n ...catrope16:45, 23 March 2011
r85033MFT more extension revs: r82601, r82654, r82698, r82755, r82756, r82759, r829...demon18:49, 30 March 2011


#Comment by Tim Starling (talk | contribs)   01:18, 8 March 2011

This is in response to user complaints about the limit reduction in r74340.

#Comment by Aaron Schulz (talk | contribs)   01:25, 8 March 2011

What about the timeout -> incomplete ROLLBACK problem (due to batchInsert() committing per 50 rows)?

It should be better after r74737, but it still sucks.

#Comment by Aaron Schulz (talk | contribs)   03:21, 14 March 2011

I'll add a nocommit param to batchInsert or make it use a new insert function or something...when I get the time. This should be done anyway, but particularly if there is no limit.

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