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Date:06:08, 29 April 2011
Status:resolved (Comments)
Tags:brion, math 
This update removes unneeded code from and corrects the way
functions are handled in lexer.mll. In particular lexer.mll failed to
insert a space that, in some cases rendering errors. This bug has now
been corrected.
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Thelema314inspected14:08, 29 August 2011

Follow-up revisions

Rev.Commit summaryAuthorDate
r96990Revert changes to texvc that provide no test cases or examples of what they'r...brion19:00, 13 September 2011
r96993MFT r96990: provisional revert of texvc changes that don't come with any test...brion19:07, 13 September 2011
r97034* (bug 6722) Spacing fixes for math functions with/without parens...brion00:49, 14 September 2011


#Comment by Thelema314 (talk | contribs)   14:08, 29 August 2011

Probably better than putting a space after latex function names would be to put "{}". Otherwise, this patch seems good.

#Comment by Brion VIBBER (talk | contribs)   18:47, 13 September 2011

Anything that involves "some cases" should prove it via parser tests...

#Comment by Brion VIBBER (talk | contribs)   19:03, 13 September 2011

Provisionally reverted in r96990 pending test cases.

#Comment by Brion VIBBER (talk | contribs)   00:51, 14 September 2011

Reapplied in r97034 along with test cases & some friends; a couple more revs that hadn't been obviously connected resolve this issue.

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