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Date:19:13, 27 April 2011
revert r76127, r76129, and r83535 b/c I'm backing out the fix for bug #542. Fixing ancient bugs causes grief for many people.
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Follow-up revisions

Rev.Commit summaryAuthorDate
r871701.17: MFT r85546, r86450, r86625, r86805, r86841, r86904, r86973, r87030catrope16:57, 30 April 2011
r873531.17wmf1: MFT r85546, r86409, r86450, r86625, r86788, r86805, r86841, r86904,...catrope20:27, 3 May 2011

Past revisions this follows-up on

Rev.Commit summaryAuthorDate
r76127Resolves Bug#542 by removing the link title from in-wiki links where...mah19:06, 5 November 2010
r76129followup r76127 - update parser tests.mah19:39, 5 November 2010
r83535* Followup r76127 and r83521 by adding parsertests and using caseFoldmah18:09, 8 March 2011

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