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Date:11:28, 9 June 2010
Prefix Vector specific ids (head-base|page-base|head|panel) with mw- per bug 23597.
It may be a good idea to rename further the confusing head (eg. to mw-skin-head).
Lots of mentions of headers, <head>, document.getElementsByTagName('head')... but no real usage of that.
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Follow-up revisions

Rev.Commit summaryAuthorDate
r67705Followup r65412 and r67703 - Rename properly, bring changes forwardreedy11:32, 9 June 2010
r677531.16wmf4: Merge some Vector fixes from trunk: r67537, r67544, r67576, r67631,...catrope19:52, 9 June 2010
r67893Follow up to r67703. Fixes jump-to anchor which still ref'ed to #head instead...hartman10:59, 12 June 2010
r680061.16wmf4: Fix r67753: incomplete merge of r67703catrope17:49, 14 June 2010
r68102Backport r67703 & r67893...platonides19:38, 15 June 2010

Past revisions this follows-up on

Rev.Commit summaryAuthorDate
r66646(bug 23597) Make a number of ID selectors more specific (basically #foo -> di...catrope19:01, 19 May 2010

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  • 16:05, 9 June 2010 Catrope (talk | contribs) changed the status of r67703 [removed: new added: ok]