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Date:00:05, 7 April 2010
* (bug 23076) Fixed login CSRF vulnerability. Logins now require a token to be submitted along with the user name and password. Patch by Roan Kattouw.
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Follow-up revisions

Rev.Commit summaryAuthorDate
r64678(bug 23076) MFT r64677: fixed login CSRF vulnerability.tstarling00:10, 7 April 2010
r64679(bug 23076) MFT r64677: fixed login CSRF vulnerability.tstarling00:12, 7 April 2010
r64680(bug 23076) MFT r64677: fixed login CSRF vulnerability.tstarling00:13, 7 April 2010
r64694Fix for r64677: as reported on mediawiki-api, I forgot about clients that bui...catrope08:50, 7 April 2010
r65760Bug 23371: Fix CSRF similar to r64677 covering the other three execute()...platonides20:16, 1 May 2010

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