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Date:10:07, 15 July 2009
Status:ok (Comments)
(bug 19640) API: Unbreak cmnamespace in miser mode by filtering on the PHP side. This is a dirty, temporary hack that'll have to do until we can do this properly on the database side.
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#Comment by Catrope (talk | contribs)   10:08, 15 July 2009

Patch by Brad Jorsch

#Comment by Simetrical (talk | contribs)   22:15, 15 July 2009

Um, "~~~~" in code comments?

#Comment by Anomie (talk | contribs)   02:42, 19 July 2009

Any chance of getting this synced any time soon, so we can be done dealing with the breakage caused by r53052?

#Comment by Ost316 (talk | contribs)   19:33, 25 August 2009

Is there any progress on this?

#Comment by Simetrical (talk | contribs)   00:30, 26 August 2009

It's been marked ok and will presumably go live at the next general sync. Brion is doing bunches of code review now, so that might be in the next few days if we're lucky. You can go to #wikimedia-tech on freenode and pester people there if you want to try getting it synced faster, but they tend to be reluctant to sync nontrivial things that aren't absolutely critical (security/site stability/major loss of functionality for many users ― and no, this doesn't count as the latter).

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