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Date:00:56, 9 October 2008
Status:old (Comments)
Make the {{ns:}} core parser function accept localized namespace names and aliases. Also change the output to use spaces
instead of underscores so that it matches the output of {{NAMESPACE}} and related magic words.
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#Comment by Brion VIBBER (talk | contribs)   20:21, 9 October 2008

Hmm... my one concern here is that Template:Ns:Foo using a localized name won't be portable across wikis in different languages.

#Comment by Ilmari Karonen (talk | contribs)   05:34, 10 October 2008

Doesn't the old punchline "Well, don't do that, then." apply? Normal wikilinks using localized namespace names break the same way. So does {{ns:Portal}}, if you try to use it on a wiki without a "Portal" namespace. One would and should expect the same to happen if you use {{ns:}} with a localized namespace name on a different-language wiki. That doesn't mean it can't be a useful feature (even if it's really just a side effect), especially for wikis with actual localized namespace aliases (i.e. more than one localized name mapping to the same namespace).

#Comment by Siebrand (talk | contribs)   09:07, 10 October 2008

Agreed with Ilmari's remark. The same goes for the localisation of magic words. Using those will also prevent code from being portable to a wiki that has a wgLang different from default ('en') or the source wgLang.

#Comment by Brion VIBBER (talk | contribs)   01:05, 13 October 2008

fair enough :)

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