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Date:19:12, 26 June 2008
Rewritten Special:Recentchangeslinked, now using a subclass of SpecialRecentchanges:
* (bugs 4832, 9481, 12890) Now has all options present in Special:Recentchanges (hide myself, bots, ...)
* Using "showlinkedto" on a template now uses the templatelinks table to fetch links instead of pagelinks
* [[Special:Recentchanges/0]] now works as expected, thanks to Nikerabbit for pointing this out
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r36727Tweaks for r36682:...ialex11:43, 27 June 2008
r86778Remove unused messages 'recentchangesall' (removed in r36682) and 'imagelista...robin16:18, 23 April 2011

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