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Date:22:35, 22 April 2008
* (bug 13824) AJAX search suggestion now works with non-SkinTemplate skins

The setup code was using a MonoBook-specific div ID to insert the results container into. Swapped that for the plain ol' document.body and fixed the styles for MonoBook and Modern so it gets the scale-up fix for the font size (they both use a weird system where they shrink the font size on the body, then scale it back up inside.... very wtf territory!)

Added setup for form and input IDs used for the second search box on Cologne Blue, and copied those IDs over to Nostalgia and Classic skins.

Note that the drop-down is a bit unsatisfactory on the page-bottom search boxes in Nostalgia, Classic, and Cologne Blue, as it tries to squish in at the bottom of the page, and you only get two lines of data. The sidebar search boxes are also not very wide, which makes results pretty cramped.
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