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Date:23:33, 3 March 2008
* Fixed bug 13071: breakage of high frame rate videos on Java 6 on Linux. The problem was that SourceDataLine.getFramePosition() was blocking until the concurrent audio write completed, thus slowing down the video to about 10 fps. Fixed by making audio writes non-blocking.
* Implemented the max-lateness property as it is in GStreamer. Set max-lateness to 20ms for video sinks. This will help the video to stay in sync with the sound. QoS events are still not implemented, so video sink starvation may still lead to desynchronisation. But video sink flooding (slow display) will skip frames appropriately. This required some interface changes in Clock.
* Greatly increased the amount of logging data produced at the DEBUG level. The progress of each buffer through each element is noted. Added annotation for time and thread name to all debug log lines. Added Debug.debug(), shortcut to Debug.log(Debug.DEBUG,...)
* Fixed a typo which made the bufferHigh parameter not work
* Fixed svn:executable property
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