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Date:05:18, 10 January 2007
* (bugs 5051, 5376) All tooltips and accesskeys moved out of Monobook.js and into their own system messages. JavaScript is now only used to attach the prefix to the accesskey in the tooltip.
** All languages should work correctly (all are free from syntax errors and some random picks look right), yay ssed
** Tested en in a couple of browsers, all accesskeys and tooltips appear to work perfectly
** Accesskeys/tooltips can be removed by setting the appropriate messages to '-'
** Any preexisting modifications made to the ta array will carry through, although it should be considered deprecated
* Removed some undocumented JS related to bidi that snuck into MessagesKu.php's and MessagesYi.php's monobook.js, it should be added via wikibits.js for all bidi languages if we want it at all
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