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Date:20:58, 4 March 2012
Status:reverted (Comments)
Add Hapax Berbère font: (it doesn't explicitly mention a license name, but it's free of copyright). Map it to several Berber languages that have a test wiki on Incubator.
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r113559Deleting Hapax Berbere font until license is clarified :(amire8011:55, 10 March 2012


#Comment by Nikerabbit (talk | contribs)   08:00, 6 March 2012

Marking fixme until we get clarification on the license.

#Comment by SPQRobin (talk | contribs)   21:09, 7 March 2012

I asked for a specific license, but he still says that it can be used as desired and that he doesn't really care much...

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  • 20:27, 12 March 2012 SPQRobin (talk | contribs) changed the status of r112983 [removed: fixme added: reverted]
  • 16:32, 9 March 2012 Nikerabbit (talk | contribs) changed the tags for r112983 [added: i18nreview]
  • 08:00, 6 March 2012 Nikerabbit (talk | contribs) changed the status of r112983 [removed: new added: fixme]