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Any links to live wikis using Dark Timeless?

Amousey (talkcontribs)

The skin looks amazing, and so easy on the eyes. Any links to wikis using it would be appreciated since there are some nigglez on certain pages.

Arrrstin (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the compliment. I do not have any links to any wikis currently using this style. It would be cool to know what people have done with this, but even the site I created this skin for has never been in use.

I am going to restyle it from the ground up again here in a few days for a new site. If you want I can send you a message so you know when I am finished.

Amousey (talkcontribs)

I think if you are planning a restyle then changing both the orange and blue shades to the color blindness palette suggestions would be great - it's one of the reasons I chose this skin. Most dark ones are based around only one dark and one bright color in different shades which is pretty limited.

The echo notification colors are one of the issues, plus some things on pages like Recent Changes, wikieditor and visual editor (currently timeless needs some tweaks for the visual editor). I've found the rather loud Wikipedia blackskin gadget helpful in finding what to change, although it's designed for vector.

Timeless has been added to Wikipedia and will become the main skin on the future, so I can your skin really taking off, both as a skin and a Wikipedia gadget. Will look forward to the changes! Please do send me a message.

MavropaliasG (talkcontribs)

Hi @Arrrstin, thanks for the great skin

Would it be possible to reskin it like this ?

I use Dark Reader with the Dynamic filter to change to what you see in the picture.

The reason I'm asking is because I would like to use it globally for all users in my wiki.

Please let me know, and if you do, please message me the CSS !

Thank you

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