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Previous discussion was archived at Skin talk:Timeless/Archive 1 on 28 April 2021.

Where do i find technical support?

Summary by Tacsipacsi
AuguMaugu (talkcontribs)

In iphone 14 in chrome browser on desktop mode. WP:ANI looks like this:

template bug on iphone 14 using chrome browser in desktop mode

AuguMaugu (talk) 01:10, 6 July 2024 (UTC)

How do I get the code for the skin?

AJlikeSUAVE (talkcontribs)

How do I get the code for the skin?

Samwilson (talkcontribs)
AJlikeSUAVE (talkcontribs)

It just says "Not Found". Weird...

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Can't uncollapse sections when using Timeless with MobileFrontend

2 (talkcontribs)

when using the Timeless skin in MediaWiki 1.41 with Extension:MobileFrontend, all sections in pages except the first section are collapsed and can't be un-collapsed. setting the <code>$wgMFCollapseSectionsByDefault</code> setting to false does not help.

Is this a bug? Is this a bug of Skin:Timeless or Extension:MobileFrontend?

Jack Phoenix (talkcontribs)

If memory serves me correctly, MobileFrontend has a lot of content processing built into it. I guess the bigger question is simply: why would you be using both at the same time? Timeless is responsive out-of-the-box and should provide a nice, usable view for mobile users just as well as traditional desktop users. (I'm just trying to understand the use case here.) Regardless, it's likely more to do with MobileFrontend as MF is "actively" being developed, i.e. it's more likely to receive significant amounts of new code, whereas Timeless is currently decently feature-complete (which, contrary to popular belief, is not a bad thing at all) and thus more stable.

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Move mw-portlet-body up?

WhichBrain (talkcontribs)

Hello! I'm trying to implement Timeless on a 1.41 wiki, moving from the old Vector skin. I like the overall look of Timeless, but one thing bothers me:

The mw-portlet-body row with discussion links, watch, version history etc. kind of breaks the flow as it is ordered below the page title (the first-heading).

Is it possible to move the mw-portlet-body row to above the first-heading (to the level of mw-indicators)? If so, how can I do this?

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but Vector-2022 (which had quite some user research put in it) also moved those link below the title, so maybe it’s actually what more users expect?

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Hi, non-breaking spaces are not displaying correctly (inserted both with HTML syntax and using the template). On mobile and while logged out, they display fine, but when I'm logged in using this skin no space displays at all. Anyone else? Is this a bug?

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Sidebar and Hook SkinAfterPortlet

WikiForMen (talkcontribs)

I am currently answering a question regarding the setting of advertising banners in the sidebar. The extension WimaAdvertising does this job. However, the adverts appear in all skins, but not in skin Timeless, which is why I am wondering whether hook SkinAfterPortlet is supported in skin Timeless at all.

WikiForMen (talkcontribs)

Skin Timeless has an issue with Hook SkinAfterPortlet when the portlet is empty, that is, it contains no elements.

I made a dirty hack for the DonateButton and WimaAdvertising extension by inserting a default item.

Is it a bug? Is there a workaround for that?

So the injection by SkinAfterPortlet works with sidebar

* AD1

The injection by SkinAfterPortlet is not displayed with sidebar

* AD1

The entiry Portlet "AD1" is not displayed. But - for example to display ads - it should work.

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Is there a way to make this skin fullscreen?

2806:2F0:1000:A706:489C:7974:B9D1:7938 (talkcontribs)

Hi, I've been having some issues with the display. Some information is just not available in fullscreen (such as tables), and it makes articles hard to read. Is there an option to remove the side bars?

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how to remove the logo entirely ? thanks (talkcontribs)

.mw-wiki-logo {dispaly:none !important;} (talkcontribs)

Use .mw-wiki-logo {display:none !important;} instead.

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Is this project still active?

Vis M (talkcontribs)
  • Please complete its development as the current Minerva mobile skin is very much crippled. A mobile skin for editors is very much needed.
  • This skin is very much suited for Wiktionaries. I found it very easy to contribute to WIktionary from this skin in mobile. @Isarra:
  • Please make "Lite apps" (browser-UI based mobile apps) based on this skin for various Wikimedia projects.
Amousey (talkcontribs)

it is still active and I think volunteer-maintained, it's currently used on mediawiki.org so I presume long term support is likely Amousey (talk) 23:13, 20 July 2023 (UTC)

Jack Phoenix (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure why you'd think this wouldn't be an active project; of course it is.

Bug reports and feature requests are very much welcome on Phabricator, as always (please do check the workboard first to avoid duplicate reports, though!).

As for how quickly a ticket will be actioned on...well, that depends on a bunch of factors, really. Timeless has been and remains a "by the community, for the community" effort since day 1. It's better to report a bug/a feature request than to not; and then we, as a community, can look into the matter and see what, if anything, can be done.

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How can I change the font of H1 in this skin

Equalze (talkcontribs)

No matter what I change in the Common.css it remains as:

  • font-family (stack):"Linux Libertine", "Times New Roman", serif
  • Font being rendered: Times New Roman100.0%
  • font-size:30px

I am trying change the font to "Noto Sans Mono:Thin"

I have managed to change the body font - but the Headers seem impossible! Any advice appreciated!

Lost Student (talkcontribs)

Editing MediaWiki:Timeless.css instead of Common.css worked for headers. Have you tried that?

Amousey (talkcontribs)

Looking at the code in resources / screen-common.less and resources/themes/wikimedia.less, I think you need to set either .mw-body h1 or h1.firstHeading - css specifity rules means elements like h1 are ignored if more specific classes or ids are in use. Amousey (talk) 23:10, 20 July 2023 (UTC)

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