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Problem with non-English character

Achia70 (talkcontribs)

This skin is pretty nice but there's one problem. The page action bar will turned gibberish if you use the another language (e.g. Chinese, Korean, Hindi etc.)

MtMNC (talkcontribs)

Thank you! The issue you are describing should have been resolved as of this commit: Please install the skin from the master branch and follow up if the issue persists.

Manbu (talkcontribs)

I like Your skin but not Your icons . The new FontAwesome extension integrates icons like


In RefreshedTemplate.php the icons are added like

'wikiglyph wikiglyph-trash' => 'ca-delete',

Do You know a syntax-solution how to replace these icons with fontAwesome

MtMNC (talkcontribs)

You can't use MediaWiki extensions to change the icons, but you can still customize them.

Refreshed 3 uses CSS pseudo-elements to produce its icons. In principle you should be able to adjust them with CSS (select the relevant pseudo-element with CSS, remove its text by changing its `content` value, and add a new icon as a `background-image`).

Meanwhile, Refreshed 4 uses inline SVGs. You can adjust those similarly (select the SVG with CSS, give it a `background-image`, and hide its child path element(s) using `display: none`).

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Manbu (talkcontribs)
Actiuinformatica (talkcontribs)
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capital letters in MediaWiki:Sidebar

2 (talkcontribs)

Hi, I'm very happy I've found this skin. It made my project much more acceptable round here. But I have a small issue with the sidebar. I can't make it show capital letters, I've tried around a lot on MediaWiki:Sidebar, but never got back capital letters. Any ideas anyone? I'm running dry on that. Thanks a lot!

NemesisAT (talkcontribs)


I am not the creator of this skin but I customised it significantly. The sidebar is lowercase by CSS but you can either edit the skin code or override it by adding the following to your MediaWiki:Refreshed.css page:

  1. sidebar li,#sidebar .main {text-transform:initial;}

Sorry I can't work out how to get the code to display nicely here. Let me know if it works!


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SamanthaNguyen (talkcontribs)
Tactica (talkcontribs)

The bug is still there it seems.

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Jakeriper (talkcontribs)


a:not( [href] ) { cursor: pointer; }

in #fade-overlay?

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i want to use this Skin only as a mobile skin, so that i can still use for Desktop purpose the Standard Vector Skin, is this possible and how?

2600:1000:B07F:2177:8DF3:66FE:86EB:59CC (talkcontribs)

No this is not possible (talkcontribs)

Yes this is possible. You need to install Extension:MobileDetect and add this code to your LocalSettings.php:

#######Mobile Detection -- change skin for mobile devices! and mobile only / desktop only views#########

require_once "$IP/extensions/MobileDetect/MobileDetect.php";

// Mobile skin

require_once "$IP/extensions/MobileDetect/MobileDetect.php";

$mobile = mobiledetect();

if ( $mobile === false ) $wgDefaultSkin = "vector"; # If not Mobile

if ( $mobile === true ) $wgDefaultSkin = "refreshed"; (talkcontribs)

Before this code, you of course need to load the Refreshed skin and have it installed in your /skins folder.

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@Jack Phoenix I installed echo on my wiki but as you []

2002:43F4:3186:1234:99D:BEE4:215A:A135 (talkcontribs)

As you can see here the placement is not right. (talkcontribs)
2002:43F4:3186:1234:C9A1:84D7:A331:AB08 (talkcontribs)

Could someone please help me here?

SamanthaNguyen (talkcontribs)

Since the name indicates that it's a wiki meant for testing and development such as experimenting with alpha/beta/experimental versions of extensions and not a regular wiki meant for building content, I won't be providing any support here. The only thing I'll tell you is that want to check that you have the latest stable (not alpha, beta or any experimental version) of the Echo extension.

Further more, for extensions under the Brickimedia umbrella, this should be going to Phabricator, not on the talk page.

Kghbln (talkcontribs)

According to LICENSE it is LGPL-3.0+, according to skin.json and composer.json it is GPL-3.0+.

I was not able to open an issue at GitHub (disabled?) so I am asking here.

GeorgeBarnick (talkcontribs)
Kghbln (talkcontribs)

Thanks for pointing me to Phabricator. I just created task T136563 for this. While I was at it I added the link to Phabricator on the skin's docu page. I however failed to add a proper link to the canonical repo. Having a note at GitHub that it is just a mirror will be cool too. Cheers

Refreshed does not preview on MediaWiki 1.25.1

Noloader (talkcontribs)

I was able to download, unpack and load the Refreshed skin. It shows up under preferences.

However, the preview is a blank page.

MacFan4000 (talkcontribs)

 You need to download the wikifont submodule and place it in /extensions/Refreshed/refreshed/wikifont

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