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Problem with mediawiki 1.34

Moremeta (talkcontribs)

After upgrading to mediawiki 1.34, there were extra UI elements at the bottom on the page, containing weird error messages. Inspecting the web server logs revealed a number of errors mentioning `undefined method ParserOptions::setEditSection()`.

Manually commenting out the call to `setEditSection` at line 49 of `` fixes the problem.

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move the logo of erudite skin from "top left" to "top right"

1 (talkcontribs)

i need to move the logo of erudite skin from "top left" to "top right".

i have some experience with php and css but i cant seem to find the correct location to fix that issue.

any help is appreciated.

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Manu3d (talkcontribs)

Really love the Erudite look. I'm currently comparing it to the Foreground skin and Erudite is much better and clearer from a purely visual standpoint. What I do appreciate of the Foreground skin though are the pulldown menus. In Erudite, having to go at the end of the page to find a number of important links (settings, tools, custom links) is a bit annoying.

So, big thumb up for the clean design overall, (smaller) thumb down for the important links down below the page's content. =)

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Ency (talkcontribs)

I've added info that Erudite 1.18 need MW 1.25+ after I've in my wiki received message "This version of the erudite skin requires MediaWiki 1.25+", but User:Kghbln deleted it. So why?

Kghbln (talkcontribs)

Have you seen my changes??? Obviously not.

Ency (talkcontribs)

What do you mean by "my changes"? Where are they? If I don't know where they are I indeed haven't seen them. BTW, it's a little unkind to arbitrarily close this topic

Ency (talkcontribs)

All is OK.

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I don't instictively look at the bottom of a page for a search box. The upper right corner is, I think, the more appropriate location. Is there any way to change the location of the search box?

Dea-Renate (talkcontribs)

Unsure about bumping etiquette here, but I just added a quick fix for that on my Wiki. Just add the following at line 84 at

				<form action="<?php $this->text( 'wgScript' ); ?>" id="searchform">
					<input type='hidden' name="title" value="<?php $this->text( 'searchtitle' ) ?>" />
						<?php echo $this->makeSearchInput( array( 'type' => 'text', 'id' => 's' ) ); ?>
						<?php echo $this->makeSearchButton( 'go', array(
							'value' => $this->translator->translate( 'searchbutton' ),
							'class' => "searchButton",
							'id'    => "searchsubmit",
						) ); ?>

This doesn't remove the one at the footer (I didn't think it necessary), but it's easily removable at (around) line 150 in the same file.

Quick73 (talkcontribs)
Great floors (talkcontribs)

To get the positioning perfect, copy the search box code from the bottom footer, then add it in as a list item after the autogenerated list items. Then go to erudite.css and in the #menu li:last-child section add the line "float: right;".

The search box will be perfectly in line with the menu items except that it will be on the right edge of the screen.

Here's my php code, but be aware that it includes a potential error but I can't be bothered fixing it because it will never affect me - and probably nobody else either. Namely, the menu list is opened (<ul> etc.) *if* there are menu items. My code then includes a new menu item and closes the menu list, but my code never checked if the menu list was opened. For me, I know there will always be menu items, so I know the list will always get opened, so I don't care about this potential error. Would be easy to fix but I'm working to a deadline...

I'm including all the code from line 74 onwards for context in case the line numbers have changed in later versions. I'm working on REL1_25.

			<div id="nav" role="navigation">
				if( array_key_exists( 'navigation', $this->data['sidebar'] ) ) {
					echo "<ul id='menu'>\n";
					foreach( $this->data['sidebar']['navigation'] as $item ) {
						printf( '<li id="menu-item-%s">', Sanitizer::escapeId( $item['id'] ) );
						printf( '<a href="%s">%s</a>', htmlspecialchars( $item['href'] ), htmlspecialchars( $item['text'] ) );
						echo "</li>\n";
			<form action="<?php $this->text( 'wgScript' ); ?>" id="searchform">
					<input type='hidden' name="title" value="<?php $this->text( 'search' ) ?>" />
					<div style="float: right;">
						<?php echo $this->makeSearchInput( array( 'type' => 'text', 'id' => 's' ) ); ?>
						<?php echo $this->makeSearchButton( 'go', array(
							'value' => $this->translator->translate( 'searchbutton' ),
							'class' => "searchButton",
							'id'    => "searchsubmit",
						) ); ?>

. Great floors (talk) 16:17, 1 May 2017 (UTC)

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Search Suggest/Autocomplete not working

1 (talkcontribs)

This is a great skin in many ways, but I haven't been able to get the search suggest/autocomplete to work in the search box (it does work on Special:Search). Any ideas on how to fix this? Running MW 1.25.5.

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Warnings in 1.26.2 version of MediaWiki

2 (talkcontribs)

Thank you for your work.

Upgrading MediaWiki I receive this Warning:

OutputPage::getModuleStyles: style module should define its position explicitly: skins.erudite ResourceLoaderFileModule (talkcontribs)

I solved it by adding the line

    "position": "top", 

in skin.json file between the lines

"skins.erudite": {


"styles": {

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Alignment of header and tagline

1 (talkcontribs)

I'm using the Erudite skin for some of the public pages on our wiki. Right now, if I resize my window, the header and the tagline move differently. Specifically, the larger the window is, the more indented the tagline is. Ideally, I would like both to be aligned with the left edge of the menu. They seem to stay aligned on the Erudite Demo website, so I don't know why ours is different. Can anyone tell me where to look in the code to change this?

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Languages list is below side menu

2 (talkcontribs)

Some vertical space is lost when displaying the list of languages from the MLEB extension. Indeed, this list goes below the side menu on the right, which can be quite long for logged-in users and still be a bit ugly for anybody. See this example page: . I tried to add something in the CSS for the language bar in erudite.css but it seems overwritten by mediawiki somehow. Any ideas?

Also, Can we expect an update of the skin someday? Does it still work in latest versions of mediawiki? Thanks! (talkcontribs)

I finally have an answer to my questions. it's possible to edit the Common.css file from the web interface to override what's in the original CSS. To have the language bar displaying fine, I added the following line: .mw-pt-languages { clear:left; width:auto; }

Also, yes, Erudite still works with v1.25.

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Search Bar, Tools and Personal Tools in Footer

Gti guy28 (talkcontribs)

I see this discussion hasn't been touched in a while but I need some help and it's the only place i could find. I hope someone answers me! :/

As of now, these are all positions in the footer on the lower left side in the following order:

Search Tools

Personal Tools

I'd like these to be placed in the footer as follows:

Search Personal Tools Tools

How can I do this?

mw version: 1.25 stable Erudite Skin - latest version (I believe) Host - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server (talkcontribs)

I just wonder how you got the skin to load in 1.25. Any time I attempt to install the skin I get an error about skin.json.

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