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Synagonism-mw is a MediaWiki-Skin that greatly improves page-READING by moving the table-of-contents on the left and showing the position the reader is reading!

Synagonism-mw is a modification of the vector-skin (the wikipedia's defalult skin) with these extra attributes:

  1. The left sidebar now is a drop-down menu, always visible.
  2. The logo, the portlets personal and search and the title of the page are always visible.
  3. The table-of-contents (toc) moved on the left in a splittable-pane, always visible.
  4. The toc is an expandable tree.
  5. There is two-way communication between the toc and the articles.
    1. By clicking on the toc, goes to that heading and the user can copy the address of any section of an article.
    2. By clicking on a section of an article, in the toc is highlited this section and its parents are only expanded, giving to the reader the big picture of the position s|he is reading. Thus improves the readability of big articles.
  6. If there is no toc in a page (eg less than 3 headings), the toc automatically closes and leaves all the space for the article.
  7. Splitbar has a button that closes|opens the toc with one click.

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