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Manuel des habillages MediaWiki - catégorie
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État de la version : stable
Description A dark skin that melds old-style organic ornaments with modern design and typography
  • Automattic — original code (PHP, CSS, etc.)
  • Jack Phoenix — MediaWiki port
Version actuelle : 1.3.2
MediaWiki 1.34+
PHP 5.3+
Licence GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Exemple Interface Messages Wiki
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DuskToDawn is a MediaWiki skin ported from the free and open source, GPL-licensed WordPress theme with the same name. It is described on the WordPress theme site as "a dark theme[sic] that melds old-style organic ornaments with modern design and typography".

The WordPress theme was written by Automattic and the MediaWiki port was done by Jack Phoenix

on 11 January 2014 for ShoutWiki.

Dusk to Dawn is, according to various different WordPress sources, the successor to the Dusk skin.

Its content area is even narrower than Dusk's, which means that various MediaWiki pages — such as Special:Version, etc. — render outright poorly.

Main features

  • "Page last edited (by Foo)" line below the page title, akin to that on ShoutWiki's default skin, Aurora
  • No logo
  • Narrow content area (see the intro section of this page), which makes this suitable for blog-like sites


  • Télécharger et placer les fichiers dans un répertoire nommé DuskToDawn dans votre dossier skins/.
  • Ajoutez le code suivant à votre LocalSettings.php (en bas):
wfLoadSkin( 'DuskToDawn' );
  • Yes Fait - Naviguer vers Special:Version sur votre wiki pour vérifier l'installation correcte de l'habillage.