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This page is a translated version of the page Skin:Dusk and the translation is 14% complete.
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Release status: stable
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  • Becca Wei — original code (WordPress theme)
  • Gregory S. Hayes — original MediaWiki port of Becca's code
  • Jack Phoenix — bugfixes, modernization, etc.
Latest version 2.2 (2015-06-21)
MediaWiki 1.34+
PHP 5.3+
License GPL v2+
Example ShoutWiki
Translate the Dusk skin if it is available at
Check usage and version matrix;
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La apariencia Dusk constituye uno de los temas de WordPress más antiguos —⁠si no es que el más antiguo⁠— que se ha portado a MediaWiki.

A reskinned version of Dusk, currently available as the green theme for the Dusk skin, was used as the main skin on Angela Beesley's now-defunct personal wiki, The theme functionality requires the Theme extension.

The HTML output of Dusk is very similar to that of MonoBook's, with only some very minor differences (i.e. div#header between div#globalWrapper and div#column-content, a#top being called a#contentTop, #siteSub being a(n) h3 instead of a div, no h2 element in #column-one, h5 used instead of h3 in some places and some additional changes in the footer rendering code).

In the WordPress world, Dusk was succeeded by Dusk to Dawn, written by Automattic.

The Dusk skin does not use any custom i18n messages.


  • Descarga y extrae el/los archivo(s) en el directorio «Dusk» dentro del directorio skins/ existente.
  • Añade el siguiente código al final de tu LocalSettings.php:
wfLoadSkin( 'Dusk' );
  • Yes Hecho - Navega a Special:Version en tu wiki para verificar que la apariencia se ha instalado correctamente.