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This page is a translated version of the page Skin:Aurora and the translation is 33% complete.

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Manuel des habillages MediaWiki - catégorie
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État de la version : inconnu
Aurora skin screenshot.png
Description Habillage bleu, lumineux, regroupant les fonctionnalités par catégorie, pour ShoutWiki
MediaWiki 1.22+
Licence GPL-2.0+
Téléchargement Aucun lien de téléchargement fourni
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Aurora is a skin designed for ShoutWiki, which is currently deemed an 'exclusive' feature and thus the source has not yet been released.

One of its main features is that it groups all related tools and functions together so that items may be found in a logical fashion, including extension tools, however due to the limitations in the skinning and extension systems, this all had to be coded manually and support for organised placement is limited.


This will come later.