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Instead of working with volunteers in a one-to-one fashion, we would prefer to begin working with volunteers in a one-to-many fashion. Suggestions for training sessions and workshops are welcome on the QA mail list. Such sessions might encompass:

  • Testing Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • Contributing Cucumber scenarios to software projects
  • How to use the Wikimedia Foundation Page Object model
  • Code re-use in browser test automation
  • Etc.

Historical Information Below[edit]

If you would like to pair on anything related to MediaWiki software testing, browser automation, continuous integration; then Pair programming for fun and profit weekly event is for you. Every week Željko Filipin pairs with one person for one hour. Pairing session can be on anything from the already mentioned topics or something related. If you would like to pair, but do not have anything specific in mind, he has plenty of stuff on his todo list. (Bugzilla account is needed to see the lists.) If you would like to make your first contribution, he can help you with that too.


  • First-come, first-served.
  • Requirements: a computer and internet connection that can handle video conference (Google Hangout).
    • If you would prefer text chat instead of video conference, that is also an option.
  • After the pairing session you have to write a few words about it and send the report to QA mailing list.

How to apply?[edit]

  1. Join QA mailing list.
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Send e-mail titled Pair programming for fun and profit to the list. Do not forget to mention date and time when you would like to pair.






  • 25, Tuesday, Jagori Samajdar, reports: Jagori
  • 18, Tuesday
    • Jeremy L. Grajales, reports: Jeremy, found and reported bug 62796
    • Vikas S Yaligar, reports: Vikas, reviewed commit 117088
  • 14, Friday, Jagori Samajdar, reports: Jagori
  • 7, Friday, Muzammil Rajwadkar, reports: Muzammil, Željko



  • 29, Wednesday, Marlena Compton, reports: Željko
  • 24, Friday, Mayank Madan, reports: Željko
  • 22, Wednesday, Tony Thomas and Mayank Madan, reports: Željko
  • 15, Wednesday
  • 8, Wednesday, Leena B, reports: Željko