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It all started with Barry, then Cindy and Frankie appeared. There isn't a lot to be found about Frankie. Cindy is the only bot still used.

Cindy The Browser Test Bot.png


  • You do not have to install anything on your machine.
  • You are probably already familiar with Gerrit and Wikimedia Labs.
  • While the tests are running, you can continue using your machine as usual, because everything is happening in Wikimedia Labs.
  • Debugging failed tests will be easier, since you will see the browser, logs, screenshots and video of the test run.


  • You will need internet connection while running the tests.
  • You might not be familiar with Gerrit or Wikimedia Labs, so you will have to learn how to use yet another tool.

Run the Selenium tests[edit]

  • Push commit for CirrusSearch to Gerrit.
  • Example: 310359.
  • Cindy will run automatically.
  • When the tests are done, Cindy will leave a comment in Gerrit.
  • If there were errors, the comment will be
Patch Set 1: Code-Review-1
I ran tests for your patch and there were some errors: features/suggest_api.feature:61
  • If there were no errors, the comment will be
Patch Set 1:
Phan static analysis done without errors!