Scrum of scrums/2019-11-13

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  • Release Engineering: no train this and the next week because of Wikimedia Technical Conference and team offsite



  • Updates:
    • Talk pages: developing high fidelity prototype for replying to comments


  • Updates:
    • Finalizing v1.0 of newcomer tasks recommendation module for release next week
    • Working with Scoring, Research and Search teams in the coming weeks to implement topic-matching in the task recommendation module using ORES modeling

iOS native app[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Updates:
    • moving 6.4.1 hotfix to 6.5
      • 3D touch fix in article view
    • 6.5 wrapping up development - phab:project/view/4245
      • History/diff endpoints are live 🎉 thanks all!

Android native app[edit]

  • Updates:
    • In the final stages of work towards a major release of SuggestedEdits feature
    • Re-started work on integrating with mobile-html endpoints for page rendering (phab:project/view/4318)

Product Infrastructure[edit]

  • Updates:
    • MachineVision extension is enabled for testing Computer-Aided Tagging this week

Structured Data[edit]


  • Blocking:
    • We are partially blocking VE testing of Parsoid/PHP and maybe completely blocking CX testing of Parsoid/PHP because of phab:T238161
  • Updates:
    • Thanks to Parsoid client teams (VE, CX, Flow, MCS) for starting to test against Parsoid/PHP and reporting issues / filing bugs.
    • We are considering enabling Parsoid/PHP on testwiki tomorrow / Monday to enable additional testing in a production-like context.
    • We are close to storing Parsoid/PHP content in RESTBase storage. We have a couple issues to resolve before that.



Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Updates:
    • CiviCRM
      • More improvements to contact deduplication
      • Creating button to send end of year summary receipt on demand
      • Fixing more records of bulk mailing activity imported from Acoustic
    • Payments-wiki
      • Getting a bunch of variants ready for testing during end of year campaign
    • CentralNotice
      • Rebasing and revising sub-national geotargeting
      • Refinement of processing for new impressions data pipeline

Core Platform[edit]

  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • MW REST API live
    • continue work on next version of API, OAuth 2.0, sessions
    • planning for new

Engineering Productivity[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Updates:
    • half of the team at Wikimedia Technical Conference
    • Train Health
      • Last week: 1.35.0-wmf.5 - phab:T233853
      • This week: no train because of Wikimedia Technical Conference
      • Next week: no train because of team offsite

Search Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Updates:
    • WDQS is having high update lag for the last week - phab:T238229
    • Commons search seems to have stopped indexing statements on 30 October 2019 - phab:T237849
    • Search engine fails in Special:IndexPage - phab:T232710
    • Make it possible to bypass automatic redirection to exact matches in commons - phab:T235263
  • Stuff no one else cares about:
    • Warning: Deprecated field [inline] used, expected [source] instead - phab:T237000


  • Updates:
    • Next up: Security review for MachineVision libraries - phab:T237588
    • In Progress: Review the FileImporter extension's load of config from wiki pages for security concerns - phab:T202071
    • In Progress: Security concept review for newcomer tasks on Special:Homepage - phab:T235720
    • Waiting: Security readiness review for the MachineVision extension - phab:T227346

Wikimedia DE[edit]