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  • Rel Eng: The Growth team is planning deployments for the newcomer tasks projects and we need to know November black out dates
  • Release Engineering: REMINDER: We're at 1.34.0-wmf.24 this week. The last branch for this release will be wmf.25 on 30 September. Teams who want to ship things for MW 1.34 should land them now. (If you do not mark code as deprecated in the next few days, you have to maintain it for another nine months.)
  • Looking for someone to review a new MW API module (Scoring Platform / Jade)
  • Fundraising emails to English-speaking countries started going out this week - that traffic goes through (on the main cluster) before it hits payments-wiki (on the fr cluster), so let's nobody break it.
  • Structured Data team need review on a patch for phab:T231855 (probably from CPT)



  • Updates:
    • Talk pages enhancements: WIP and research ongoing for legacy signature parsing, signature parser function, autocomplete notifications
    • Fix loading icons for historical diff mode switcher
    • Fix mw:MediaLink support (task phab:T232754)
    • mobile.editor.overlay: Use errorformat=html and display all error messages (task phab:T202460) (task phab:T228897) (task phab:T232685)


  • Updates:
    • Homepage: Add startediting placeholder module for suggested edits (task phab:T232419)
    • Add JS and dialog for startediting module (task phab:T232419)
    • Homepage: Stop querying non-existent help module storage (task phab:T232548)
    • Selenium: Add regression test for NONE group survey submission (task phab:T233263)
    • EditorJourney: Redact sensitive values for diff and oldid (task phab:T234084)

iOS native app[edit]

  • Updates:

Android native app[edit]

  • Updates:
    • Had a minor release with many bug fixes.
    • Extended our User survey for suggested edits feature, by a week
    • In active development of Suggested Edits V3 features

Product Infrastructure[edit]

  • Updates:
    • Offsite concluded last week
    • Machine Vision: scripts to create image tagging candidate lists
    • Machine Vision: code review
    • Wikifeeds: fixed raw preq call to public endpoint that broke deployment last week
    • Wikifeeds: need to update Helm chart with new stuff and try deploying again
    • mobile-html: minor performance tweaks
    • BUOD: triaged remaining issues for event platform client prototypes
    • BUOD: moving event platform client prototypes into Gerrit

Structured Data[edit]

  • Blocking:
    • RecentChange support for SDC: phab:T230862 ... working on it
  • Updates:
    • nothing new ... input types, MachineVision, campaigns continuing

UI Standardization[edit]

  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • DSG Components: this and next week finish for publish iteration
    • Special:Contributions began to roll out yesterday
    • Vector updates in context of phab:T121730 and phab:T63099 Vector perf improvements and it uses CSS gradients now (hey, it’s 2019). Also fixed phab:T4013



Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Blocked by:
    • Not blocked, but nice-to-have from release engineering: php7.0 docker image for CRM tests phab:T230446
  • Updates:
    • CiviCRM
      • Adopted an orphan extension to fix typo-ed email domains, refactoring it and installing it locally phab:T231332
      • Deploying first draft of automated year-end summary receipt emails for recurring donors phab:T195907
      • Adding a UI button for on-demand send of year-end summary emails phab:T221271
    • CentralNotice
      • Found a couple last nits to pick with campaign fallback code, fixing them phab:T234248
      • Fixing issues found in new data pipeline after first real-data tests phab:T234352
    • Payments-wiki
      • Card selection form tweaks phab:T231452
      • Revising content and amounts on form that asks one-time donors to convert to recurring phab:T234059

Core Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
    • Wikidata: (not sure which team is actually to call out on this, Core Platform is our best guess): In the Data Bridge work (editing Wikidata items from Wikipedia) we have encountered problems with Special:EntityData serving stale (old) data. The problem is quite old: phab:T128486. We are looking for a team/person with whom we could get some clarity on the current state of the cache solutions on WMF cluster, and figure out how to get phab:T128486 unstuck.
    • Search Platform: RecentChange support for SDC: phab:T230862
  • Updates:
    • RESTBagOStuff changes for 1.34
    • New Echo notification storage
    • Page History REST API for iOS team
    • Parsoid/PHP in parsoid cluster

Engineering Productivity[edit]


Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking:
    • The Growth team is planning deployments for the newcomer tasks projects and we need to know November black out dates
    • CPT phab:T233092
    • Kartotherian folks: phab:T233316
    • Not blocked, but nice-to-have for Fundraising tech: php7.0 docker image for CRM tests phab:T230446
  • Updates:
    • REMINDER: We're at 1.34.0-wmf.25 this week. This is the last branch for this release. Teams who want to ship things for MW 1.34 should land them now. phab:T232026 (If you do not mark code as deprecated in the next few days, you have to maintain it for another nine months.)
    • Train Health

Scoring Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Updates:
    • Victory on WMFLabs ORES install
    • Looking for someone to review MWAPI work for Jade (Core Platform? Brad maybe?) phab:T199834
    • phab:T232494 (Now using Git-lfs on ORES hosts)
    • phab:T230917 (Blocked on improving Celery Monitoring -- Should we use PS to count processes?)
    • Kevin Bazira has started as an Associate Engineer

Search Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Updates:
    • HighlightBuilder: Introduce a way to control the highlighting behaviors with keywords phab:T190130
    • Deferred update AutoCommitUpdate_LinksUpdate::doUpdate failed: Could not enqueue jobs: Unable to serialize events (CirrusSearch LinksUpdate) phab:T230728


  • Updates:
    • Development of Privacy Review process; Anticipated completion of first draft this month
    • GRC Tool Eval
    • GDPR / Data Map updates and reviews are in progress
    • three new policies drafted and in review
    • Parsoid-PHP, in progress - phab:T227209

Wikimedia DE[edit]