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  • Updates:
    • VE as mobile default A/B test started on July 9th, delayed from original plan due to data instrumentation issues
    • Improved transaction system in VE by more robustly handling (squashing) multiple transactions at once:
    • Preparing release of next version of edit cards on mobile and improved toolbar work


iOS native app[edit]

Android native app[edit]

  • Updates:
    • Switched over suggested-edits queries to production API. Ready to release feature to Beta. ( )
    • Android app is ready for a new release with image caption editing feature. We are currently testing before the big release.
    • We also had a minor high-impact bug fixes release, which has helped improve the editing on the app.

Readers Web[edit]

Readers Infrastructure[edit]

  • Updates:
    • The /page/mobile-html endpoint is ready to be consumed. Please give feedback, esp. if you see anything that needs to be changed.
    • Structured talk page endpoint launched in the REST API
    • SDC caption and Wikidata description edit suggestions endpoints launched in the REST API
    • Machine vision middleware project in progress:


  • Updates:
    • preparing for release of arbitrary statements to production commons


  • Updates:
    • Heads up for Services: and -- Kiwix filed this about reparsing support for renames / deletions of images. But this is not necessarily Kiwix specific since presumably apps will also see stale versions without Parsoid reparses. Change Propagation support seems to be missing for these events.
    • Parsoid-PHP Port:
    • Porting parser tests infrastructure so we can run parser tests in PHP instead of relying on JS+PHP hybrid testing as we have till now.
    • Starting to port the rest of the mocha tests.
    • Setting up more CI tests to prevent regressions.


Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Updates:
    • About to start testing India donation forms
    • Updating remaining python2 tools to python3
    • CiviCRM <-> third party emailer data interchange enhancements
    • More work to tweak fraud filters
    • Recurring conversion ask still underway

Core Platform[edit]

(N/A for Scrum of Scrums, will follow up on blockers here)

Engineering Productivity[edit]


Release Engineering[edit]

Search Platform[edit]


Site Reliability Engineering[edit]