Scrum of scrums/2018-01-03






iOS native app[edit]

  • Blocked by: none
  • Blocking: none
  • Updates:
    • Releasing 5.7.4 this week - minor bug fixes related to article loading, new navigation bar behavior
    • Continuing work on 5.8 - synced reading lists

Reading Infrastructure[edit]


  • Blocked by: None
  • Blocking: none
  • Updates:
    • Everyone has been on vacation


Global Collaboration[edit]

  • Blocked by: Security on response to
  • Blocking: Ops on Flow dumps; Matt is working on it
  • Updates:
    • A bunch of bug fixes for Special:RecentChangesLinked
    • Roan working on refactoring the change_tag schema (inspired by Cenarium and Ladsgroup), will write a small RFC later this week

Community Tech[edit]

  • GlobalPreferences is almost ready.
  • Analyzing new proposals.



  • Wikistats UI launch, working on bugs filed by community members.
  • Working on TLS and kafka with brandon for the ciphers we will use
  • Working on new APIs to report pageview data by country
  • Blogpost about wikistats launch
  • Some troubles on dbstore (the analytics box that holds the wiki-replicas). We might need to order new hardware
  • We order 8 new boxes for cluster which brings total to 50 nodes
  • Started work on geowiki project (editors per country, internal data only) users of this project are mostly internal (Asaf’s team)

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocked by:
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates:
    • Very quiet week, most everyone on vacation.


  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Very quite because of vacations and holidays
    • Mathoid storage in Cassandra 3 cluster populated, transition blocked by renderer bugs
    • Preparing next round of Cassandra reshapes

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Deploying (and debugging) stuff we held back for the fundraiser
  • CiviCRM enhancements
  • Writing some python code to help with banner impression stats collection
  • More thoughts on how to replace our kafkatee -> payments cluster log parser system:

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocked by
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None?
  • Updates
    • wmf.15 going out this week


  • Blocked by: none
  • Blocking: none
  • Updates

Search Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
  • Would like somebody from performance team to look at: we’ve got some fails on LinksUpdate which blocked search index update which makes Wikidata items invisible in search (~50 items)
  • Working on fixes for completion suggester & redirects namespaces
  • Investigating ElasticSearch phonetic search (
  • Wikidata search fixes for delay & space handling will be deployed with .15
  • Working on refactoring search profiles to make them more config-like
  • Collecting feedback for Wikidata fulltext & prefix search rankings

Scoring Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by: No blockers, thanks to great RelEng and Ops work!
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • switching ORES to stretch
    • continuing Extension:ORES refactoring (Collab/Roan are looped in)